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Until recently, solid date drives (SSDs) were something of a luxury in the PC world. They were expensive, and most only had enough storage for the operating system. Thankfully, this has drastically changed over the past few years. SSDs are now affordable, they can store more data, and they continue to get faster and faster.

While SSDs are still more expensive than hard drives when compared by storage capacity, even budget SSDs are faster than comparable hard drives. If you're trying to figure out which drives are the best value, you've come to the right place.

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Capacity - 120GB | Patriot Burst | Interface - SATA | $40

The discount gets a little bit deeper on Patriot's burst series drives this week. The 120GB version makes for a perfect entry into the world of solid state performance.

Capacity - 240GB | Kingston A400 | Interface - SATA | $70

You'll be hard pressed to find a better deal on a performance SSD in the 240GB range at the moment. The Kingston A400 is a budget oriented drive with a price to match.

Capacity - 250GB | Samsung 860 Evo | Interface - SATA | $84

Samsung's new 860 Evo series drives bump performance slightly from our previous favourite, the 850 Evo. The increase is certainly not worth an upgrade from the previous generation but with a lower MSRP, there's no reason to go with the 850 series.

Capacity - 256GB | HP S700 Pro | Interface - SATA | $60

It's not very well-known that HP manufacturers SSDs, but the S700 Pro is a solid option for the price. It uses the same controller as many other budget drives, but HP has fine tuned it to boost performance.

Capacity - 500GB | Crucial MX500 | Interface - SATA | $125 

With the long running sale on Samsung's 850 series over, Crucial's new MX500  takes the two highest capacity spots in this week's deals. Being the cheapest doesn't always make it the best deal but with improved performance over the previous series, it's hard not to recommend the MX500.

Capacity - 1TB | Crucial MX500 | Interface - SATA | $250

Crucial's new MX500 series drives manage to outperform the MX300 and they do it for less money, providing the best value for 1TB drives. The new series even extends the warranty by two years.

The best SSDs

Check out our best SSD guide for more details on our favorite drives at multiple price points. 

Here's the best prices we've found for them around the web today:

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