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Cheap SSD deals of the week

Cheap SSD deals of the week
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Bought a bunch of digital games this holiday? These cheap SSD deals should give you all the storage you need for all your recent purchases. As HDDs go the way of the Dodo, the speed and performance of SSDs are making them the new standard storage solution for PC gamers.

The best gaming PCs often use SSDs as their primary boot drives, thanks to their speed and reliability. One of the more apparent benefits of an SSD is that they bring down game load times, especially massive open-world games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Here are the best cheap SSD deals of the week. There's a tasty variety of SATA SSDs with some awesome deals, along with our choices for best NVMe SSDs.

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WD Blue 3D NAND | 2TB | SATA | $179.99 ($10 off)
The 2TB version of Western Digital's 3D NAND SSD is nearly at its lowest price ever (it was $177 during Black Friday). This is an excellent option for a boot drive, or for extra storage to compliment a faster NVMe SSD. (Posted: 12/10)View Deal

ADATA Ultimate SU800 | 512GB | SATA | $49.99 ($30 off)
This is an excellent option for a budget SATA SSD. It even has DRAM cache (for improved performance), which is often left out of other cheap SSDs. (Posted: 12/10)View Deal

WD Blue 3D | 250GB | SATA | $49.99 ($10 off)
If you're upgrading an older PC—perhaps one still using a spinning hard drive—this 250GB SSD from Western Digital is a cheap entry-level option. (Posted: 12/4)View Deal

Crucial MX500 | 1TB | SATA | $99.99 (save ~$7)
The MX500 is one of the best SATA-based SSDs you can buy, though this is $0.50 more than the Black Friday price. The sale is also live at B&H Photo. (Posted: 11/28)View Deal

Samsung 860 EVO | 2TB | SATA | $229.99 ($70 off)
The 2TB 860 Evo usually goes for around $300. It's one of the fastest SATA-based drives around. (Posted: 11/22)View Deal

Samsung 970 EVO Plus | 500GB | M.2 NVMe | $97.50 (~$30 off)
This is the lowest-recorded price for this top performance 500GB NVMe SSD from Samsung. (Posted: 11/19)View Deal

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