Best SSD deals of the week

Best SSD deals of the week

Best SSD deals of the week

If you're looking to upgrade storage on your PC build, you're in luck. We've tracked down the best SSD deals of the week to help you save some dollars on a new SATA or NVMe drive. You should be looking to buy at least 1TB, to help you store plenty of new PC games as well as your PC's operating system, but you could easily get by with 500GB if budget is tight. In fact, there are some excellent deals on 500GB drives right now, so if you're just looking for any SSD, these are the ones to go for.

These are the best deals you'll find in the US, and we update this feature each week by trawling all the major retailers like NewEgg, Amazon, Walmart and more. You're getting a reliable service from these sites, so you know you can trust them. If you need to do more research into SSDs, here are the best SSDs for gaming and the best NVMe SSDs in 2019. All the best deals are below.

WD Blue 3D | 1TB | SATA III M.2 | $119.99 ($20 off)
This M.2 SATA drive can't match the speeds of NVMe M.2 drives, but it's still a good deal at $0.001/MB. (Posted: 2/18)View Deal

SAMSUNG 860 EVO | 500GB | SATA | $68.99 ($11 off)
One of Samsung's most popular SSDs is $11 off at Newegg when you enter code EMCXTVUV2 at checkout. (Posted: 2/12)View Deal

WD Blue 3D | 500GB | SATA | $57.99 ($10 off)
If you're on a tighter budget, Western Digital's 500GB SSD is $11 cheaper than the above Samsung Evo drive and offers similar performance. (Posted: 2/12)View Deal

SanDisk SSD PLUS | 480GB | SATA | $59.99 ($10 off)
SanDisk's 480GB SSD is currently $60 on Amazon—$10 below the usual price. (Posted: 2/11)View Deal

Samsung 970 Evo Plus | 250GB-1TB | NVMe | $88-248 ($2 off)
All models of Samsung's brand new Samsung 960 Evo Plus NVMe SSDs are $2 below MSRP at B&H. Not a major discount, but most other stores are either sold out or have inflated prices. (Posted: 2/11)
View Deal

Kingston A400 | 240GB | SATA | $29.99 ($5 off)
The 240GB Kingston A400 has once again dropped to $30 on Amazon. If you're on a tight budget, or you're upgrading an older PC, this is a great option. (Posted: 1/23)View Deal

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