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Cheap SSD deals of the week

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SSD prices are so cheap compared to what they cost just a few years ago, every SSD feels like a cheap SSD. But even so, some are really really cheap. While we're stuck at home with more time to devote to the best PC games (opens in new tab), it's nice to have the drive space to keep tons of games installed at once. That's where these deals come into play. Find a cheap SSD deal, and you can add 1-2TB of affordable storage to your PC.

The best gaming PCs these days all use SSDs as their primary boot drives, thanks to their speed and reliability. But it's also affordable to have a big secondary drive solely devoted to a king-sized gaming library. For some games, it'll remarkably speed up loading times, and with a big enough drive you won't hae to stress about uninstalling old games every time Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has another 50GB update.

Here are the cheap SSD deals we've found this week. We keep this guide updated as new deals appear, so check back frequently. If you want a top-of-the-line SSD, check the sales against our guide to the best SSDs for gaming (opens in new tab). There's a tasty variety of SATA SSDs with some awesome deals, along with our choices for best NVMe SSDs we found on sale, too.

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Samsung 980 PRO | 2TB | NVMe | $360 (save $70) (opens in new tab)
This fourth-generation NVMe drive from Samsung is one of the best SSDs you can buy, both in terms of speed and capacity. (Posted: 10/15)

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Seagate FireCuda 510 | 1TB | NVMe | $130 (save $70) (opens in new tab)
This NVMe drive from Seagate is around the middle of the road in terms of performance, with read speeds of roughly 3450 MB/s and writes of 3100 MB/s. (Posted: 9/27)

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SAMSUNG 970 Evo Plus | 500GB | NVMe | $80 (save $5) (opens in new tab)
If you just need enough space for Windows and a few major PC games, this 500GB Samsung 970 is an impressive option for under $100. (Posted: 10/7)

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Samsung 870 QVO | 2TB | SATA | $170 (save $60) (opens in new tab)
This 2TB drive from Samsung is a great choice for replacing a secondary HDD. It's also a convenient way to add as much storage as possible to older laptops and PCs with only one SATA slot. (Posted: 9/27)

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WD Blue 3D | 1TB | SATA | $94.99 (save $35) (opens in new tab)
Here's another option for an inexpensive SATA SSD, perfect as a secondary drive or an upgrade for a PC still using spinning hard disks. (Posted: 9/16)

Dave James
Dave James

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