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The Nvidia Shield is the ultimate gaming and TV set-top box and as cheap as it gets right now

Nvidia Shield
(Image credit: Nvidia)

The Nvidia Shield is a great gift for any GeForce gamer. Heck, it's simply the ultimate set top TV box, hands down. For Black Friday it is available with a $21 discount at Amazon right now. Not only is it a great media player, but it also allows you to effortlessly stream your PC games from your desktop system, through your home network, and play them on your big screen television from the comfort of your sofa.

It's the device that has genuinely delivered the PC-as-a-console experience, and I wouldn't be without my Shield. And even if you're current rig isn't quite up to the prospect of playing the latest ray traced 'RTX On' games, you could always sign up for a little GeForce Now streaming. That will allow you to stream games across the internet with no PC needed, and it works brilliantly.

I've been stuck on the sofa recently, trapped beneath a newborn baby who won't sleep on anything but my squishy belly of an evening. That makes PC gaming tough, yet with the Shield and GeForce Now I've been streaming my way through Control and Life is Strange: True Colors.

All you need is a Bluetooth controller and you're away. The latest Xbox pads are perfect.

Nvidia Shield | 4K | HDR | Android TV | $149.99

Nvidia Shield | 4K | HDR | Android TV | $149.99 $129 at Amazon (save $21)
I would be lost without the Shield right now, as a dedicated cord-cutter this is what powers my TV. It's also the PC gamer's best friend, allowing you to stream directly from your Nvidia-based desktop rig to your big screen TV. That and GeForce Now makes it a hell of a 4K-toting, HDR lovin' package.

It doesn't get much cheaper than this price in the US, but there is a £99 Shield deal in the UK today that's worth checking out if you're this side of the pond.

Away from gaming, the Shield is a great media box, too. It's my Plex machine, but will happily work with Kodi if that's your bag. Android TV may not have quite the expansive app selection as Android on the phone or tablet, but it's still a powerful device to have jammed into your television.

It's also easy enough for anyone to use now that Nvidia has updated the remote. My only issue now is the back slides off the remote too easily when my toddler is throwing it around the house demanding to watch tractor videos on YouTube. So yeah, it's pretty robust, too.

Honestly, even if it wasn't on offer this Black Friday I'd be recommending you buy one.

Dave James

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