GTA Trilogy's San Andreas has an unfinished VR mode

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Around a month ago Facebook announced that San Andreas was being adapted as a VR experience for Oculus Quest 2—though didn't show any footage. Following the GTA Trilogy's rather shambolic launch, in which dataminers found all sorts of stuff Rockstar should have removed, bits of what's in there have continued to pop up, and now someone's found a buggy but more-or-less functional option for San Andreas VR.

Ben Turpin, a writer for RockstarIntel and highwayman by night, turned up a debug menu command that allows the player to enter 'VR'—though of course the game's being played on a non-VR device (thanks, Eurogamer).

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There's no news on when the Oculus version of San Andreas will release, "a project many years in the making", though this does suggest it's being handled by Grove Street Games (the developer of the Trilogy).

If you can't wait for your Rockstar VR fix, earlier this year modders made the entirety of Red Dead Redemption 2 playable in VR, and you can get GTA 5 running too. Neither game was designed for virtual reality of course, so set your expectations accordingly—though it will be interesting to see what a more curated approach with San Andreas eventually looks like.

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