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Destiny 2 is on sale for $26

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, and there's every chance you're now sick of the sight of special offers. You're not? Well know that Amazon's Cyber Monday Deals Week is still in full flow for the most determined bargain hunters among you. 

It's here you'll find Destiny 2 for $25.99 (opens in new tab)—with a 57 percent discount on its recommended retail value. Bungie's latest space opera venture goes for $60 in normal circumstances, so this offer nets you a $34 saving which ain't too shabby at all.    

As you might have spied, Destiny 2 debuted on PC last month and we've since published a load of helpful guides, informative news stories, and mouthwatering footage. Tim's impressions of the game's The Curse of Osiris DLC are worth reading in this direction, while Tom enjoyed its gorgeous guns, glittering universe, and quality of port in his review.

Interested? Again, Destiny 2 is on sale for $26 (opens in new tab) as part of Amazon's Cyber Monday Deals Week.