How to find every Aether Current and unlock flying in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers

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To unlock flying mounts in Final Fantasy 14's latest expansion, you need to collect every Aether Current in Shadowbringers' six different zones. These green swirls can be hidden in hard-to-reach places and are sometimes the reward from one of the many side and story quests littered throughout each area, so tracking them all down can be a bit of a hassle.

Fortunately, this guide will give you the exact location of every Aether Current in each of Shadowbringers' six new zones. Once you collect 15 Aether Currents in a given zone, you'll automatically be able to take flight with any mount that has the flying ability.

If you want to do things without cheating, you can instead equip an Aether Compass which, when used, will tell you how far away the closest Aether Current is to your present location. If you've lost your Aether Compass or don't have one, you can grab one from Gibrillont at the Forgotten Knight in Ishgard or Gaufrid (coordinates: x14.3, y9.6) in Rhalgr's Reach to get another.

As for Aether Currents that are rewarded from quests, it's easy to tell which ones will give you a Current as the quest-givers' icon will be blue with a small plus symbol on the side. This quest icon is used to denote when quests unlock new features, which is exactly what Aether Currents do. But even if you're careful it's easy to miss a few Currents. So here's the exact location of each one.

Aether Currents in Shadowbringers 

Lakeland Aether Currents:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CoordinatesDescriptionQuest Name
(x5.7, y14.3, z1.1)The middle level of the keep in The Ostall Imperative.N/A
(x9.4, y17.7, z0.5)Ostall Imperative, on a ledge to the north.N/A
(x18.6, y18.4, z0.1)On a canopy on the north side of Radisca's Round.N/A
(x35.4, y11.1, z0.8)Next to a pile of lumber.N/A
(x32.0, y14.6, z0.4)West of the Rak'tika Greatwood.N/A
(x34.6, y17.0, z0.4)At the top of the plateau.N/A
(x37.3, y21.1, z0.3)West of the Fort Jobb Aetheryte.N/A
(x35.5, y21.5, z0.3)West of Fort Jobb Aetheryte.N/A
(x30.1, y24.0, z0.1)Top of the northern edge of a short plateau.N/A
(x33.5, y28.8, z0.3)Atop a watchtower at The Accensor Gate.N/A
(x7.4, y14.4, z0.6)Level 70, requires completion of Logistics of War questAn Unreasonable Request
(x8.0, y17.0, z0.5)Level 70, requires completion of Logistics of War questThe Astute Amaro
(x6.1, y15.4, z0.6)Level 70, requires completion of Logistics of War questImperative Repairs
The Crystarium (x12.0, y16.4)Level 70, requires completion of Warrior of Darkness questA Jobb Well Done
The Crystarium (x8.5, y9.7)Level 72, requires completion of The Crystarium's Resolve questLogistics of War

Amh Araeng Aether Currents:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CoordinatesNotesQuest name
(x14.8, y29.8, z0.6)Check the rafters in The Ladle.N/A
(x24.4, y35.5, z0.5)look near the map marker for The Pristine Palace of Amh Malik.N/A
(x23.9, y17.5, z1.4)Found behind The Rack in Mord Souq.N/A
(x14.6, y16.7, z1.6)On the railroad track.N/A
(x21.1, y9.0, z1.7)On top of a building in Mount Biron Mines.N/A
(x24.7, y28.0, z0.4)Due West of Journey's Head.N/A
(x28.3, y32.2, z0.5)Directly south from Journey's Head.N/A
(x30.9, y21.5, z0.9)On a cliffside facing the desert.N/A
(x30.7, y15.3, z1.0)On some giant bones.N/A
(x29.8, y10.4, z0.5)North of the bridge when coming from The Crystarium.N/A
(x11.3, y17.5, z1.6)Level 70, requires completion of A Dirty Job questA Vein Pursuit
(x11.8, y17.4, z1.6)Level 70, requires completion of The Truth Hurts questCharmless Man
(x12.9, y16.9, z1.5)Level 70, requires completion of On Track questScavengers Assemble
(x26.8, y18.5, z1.2)Level 70, requires completion of Working off the Meal questWork to Live or Live to Work
(x15.8, y29.1, z0.5)Level 77, requires completion of Crossroads questA Fresh Start

Il Mheg Aether Currents:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CoordinatesNotesQuest name
(x20.3, y14.9, z1.1)Near the entrance to Lyhe Ghiah.N/A
(x30.1, y6.0, z0.9)Northeast of the Wolekdorf Aetheryte.N/A
(x24.0, y8.7, z0.7)Look around a rock outcropping.N/A
(x25.1, y13.0, z0.0)Where two rivers join into the big lake.N/A
(x21.8, y4.4, z1.1)Up a staircase of mushrooms in Pla Enni.N/A
(x14.9, y10.1, z0.9)Near to the Faerie holding a pick axe.N/A
(x10.4, y24.8, z0.4)At the bottom of a large crystal spire.N/A
(x16.8, y24.6, z0.0)On the roof of a house underwater.N/A
(x23.1, y32.9, z0.2)On a giant mushroom covered log.N/A
(x10.5, y34.8, z1.3)On top of a hill, Southeast of where you first started in the zone.N/A
(x30.3, y8.3, z0.8)Level 70, requires completion of A Resounding Roar quest.A New Amaro
(x15.7, y30.4, z0.4)Level 70, requires completion of Courting Coorperation quest.The Path to Popularity
(x9.2, y17.1, z0.3)Level 70, requires completion of Unto the Truth quest.Delightful Decorations
(x14.1, y32.6, z0.6)Level 70, requires completion of Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom quest.The Forbidden Lran
(x30.4, y7.5, z0.8)Level 73, requires completion of Memento of a Friend quest.Acht-la Ormh Inn

Kholusia Aether Currents:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CoordinatesNotesQuest name
(x34.1, y17.2, z3.1)On a ledge in Wet Whistle.N/A
(x20.2, y21.1, z3.4)Top of a rock mound.N/A
(x34.7, y9.7, z2.7)Between the geysers.N/A
(x18.9, y13.4, z3.9)Southwest of Pit 8.N/A
(x11.0, y21.2, z3.2)On the cliff west of the Top Rung.N/A
(x7.6, y34.0, z-0.1)On a beach southwest of the Wright Settlement.N/A
(x17.6, y37.0, z0.1)At the bottom of the Seagazer Lighthouse.N/A
(x23.8, y36.9, z0.5)On a hill behind houses in Gatetown. Look for a nearby ramp to climb. N/A
(x34.9, y24.0, z0.4)On an outcropping just north of Stilltide.N/A
(x34.4, y32.5, z0.0)Next to a boat.N/A
(x15.3, y29.5, z0.1)Level 70, requires completing A Fickle Existence quest.A Plankless Task
(x18.8, y17.9, z3.5)Level 70, requires completing Rich Veins of Hope quest.Fugitive of Fear
(x15.3, y28.6, z0.2)Level 70, requires completing A Fickle Existence quest.Village of Woe
(x12.4, y9.2, z4.1)Level 70, requires completing Meet the Tholls quest.A Disagreeable Dwarf
(x18.7, y17.6, z3.5)Level 79, requires completing A Breath of Respite quest.Extinguishing the Last Light

Rak'Tika Greatwood Aether Currents:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CoordinatesNotesQuest name
(x34.6, y16.0, z-0.4)East of Fanow.N/A
(x26.3, y11.8, z-0.2)On a collapsed wall near The Morningstars.N/A
(x31.7, y22.9, z0.3)Northwest of Bowrest.N/A
(x28.6, y15.5, z-0.1)The Ox'Dalan Gap, just north from Fanow.N/A
(x28.2, y25.5, z0.2)On a cliff between The Wild Fete and Bowrest.N/A
(x4.2, y24.9, z0.0)On some plants rising up out of the swamp.N/A
(x9.0, y17.9, z0.2)Underneath tree roots in the Woven Oath.N/A
(x19.3, y22.6, z-0.1)By the end of the river.N/A
(x8.8, y32.5, z0.1)On a tree root above the swamp, directly northeast of the entrance to Lakeland.N/A
(x13.3, y31.6, z0.0)Near the ruins of Fort Gohn.N/A
(x31.3, y16.9, z-0.1)Level 70, requires completing In Good Faith quest.Stand on Ceremony
(x29.4, y17.8, z0.2)Level 70, requires completing Top of the Tree quest.Suit Up
(x19.8, y27.6, z-0.2)Level 70, requires completing A Beautiful Plan quest.The Great Deceiver
(x18.8, y27.7, z-0.2)Level 70, requires completing A Day in the Neighborhood quest.What We Do for Family
(x30.5, y17.4, z0.0)Level 75, requires completing In Good Faith quest.The Burden of Knowledge

The Tempest Aether Currents:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
CoordinatesNotesQuest name
(x5.3, y19.4, z-4.9)At The Caliban Gap.N/A
(x7.0, y13.6, z-4.6)Far west from the Ondo Cups, follow the path that leads underneath it.N/A
(x14.5, y16.9, z-4.3)At The Caliban Gap.N/A
(x22.3, y18.0, z-3.6)Underneath The Ondo Cups, and then West.N/A
(x28.2, y15.9, z-2.5)Underneath The Ondo Cups and a little to the West.N/A
(x39.5, y16.8, z-1.7)East of The Ondo Cups at The Crock of Pearls cave.N/A
(x35.7, y23.1, z-1.5)Southeast of The Ondo Cups.N/A
(x22.8, y11.2, z-1.7)Near the Walls of the Forgotten.N/A
(x33.6, y9.4, z-1.0)In the cave of "Where the Dry Return".N/A
(x29.1, y7.2, z-1.6)Right near the entrance to Kholusia.N/A
(x9.5, y28.2, z-8.2)Level 70, requires completing The End of a World quest.Community Cohesion
(x7.2, y31.4, z-8.0)Level 70, requires completing The End of a World quest.Debate and Discourse
(x13.7, y27.6, z-8.1)Level 70, requires completing The End of a World quest.Responsible Creation
(x32.1, y16.6, z-2.0)Level 70, requires completing Waiting in the Depths quest.Koal of the Cups
(x8.8, y26.5, z-8.4)Level 80, requires completing The End of a World quest.A Greater Purpose
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