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Evolve interview: Turtle Rock on moddability, competitive FPS, and why Evolve was delayed

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We've had a few opportunities to play Evolve this year, but not since the game's delay from its original October release date. I caught up with Chris Ashton and Phil Robb from Turtle Rock to ask them what the delay's allowing them to do, what modes or monsters we might see added to the game next, and whether moddability on PC is out of the question.

Evolve delayed until early 2015

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Take-Two Interactive has announced that Evolve, the team-based shooter being developed by Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rock, has been delayed from its planned October release until next year.

Turtle Rock Studios seeks Evolve alpha testers

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Turtle Rock Studios is very quietly seeking participants for an alpha test of its upcoming online shooter Evolve. There are some relatively tight restrictions on who will be let in but if you have a PC that can run the game and live in mainland North America, you might be one of the lucky ones.

Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios considers Early Access for future projects

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I'm old enough to remember a time when alpha and beta testing was something game makers did before they released their creations to the paying public, and so I find "Early Access" to be a particularly interesting phenomenon. It was initially promoted as a way for indie developers to maintain themselves through much-needed infusions of funds, but now the big boys are giving it a look and they seem to like what they see. DICE recently said that it's looking at Early Access for upcoming Battlefield games, and Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios would like to do the same thing.

Evolve E3 trailer gets down and dirty with a brand-new Cthulhu-esque monster

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Turtle Rock Studios unveiled an all-new Evolve gameplay trailer at Microsoft's E3 presser, complete with a never-before-seen glowing-eyed electro-squid monster that could have come straight out the Lovecraft mythos.

Evolve interview: on making monsters in Turtle Rock's new co-op shooter

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Who's the real monster? The huge vicious creature that can consume nearby wildlife to become huger and more vicious, or the four well-equipped hunters that want to bring it down. The creature, obviously, but how did developers, Turtle Rock, come up with the idea for this unusual co-op vs. lone wolf game mode? How do the classes work? How has working with Valve on Left 4 Dead informed the development process? We caught up with Turtle Rock founder and art director, Phil Robb to get some answers.

Evolve video report: hands-on with Turtle Rock's new shooter

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Deep in the bowels of Turtle Rock studio, a new co-op shooter is forming. Only announced last month, Evolve has already consumed enough veteran Left 4 Dead co-creators to burst into a playable state. We sent Ben Griffin, arguably PC Gamer's most monstrous writer, to hunt down the details and tame the open jungles of the game's multiplayer. Watch him now, as he gives you a round-up of the game's classes, monsters, and memorable moments.

Turtle Rock still likes Valve, could go back to Left 4 Dead

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There's a lot riding on Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming first-person shooter Evolve. As its first project after Left 4 Dead, Evolve needs to prove not only that the studio can capture lightning in a bottle once again, but that it can do it without the help of Valve. But, as a recent interview reveals, Turtle Rock hasn't ruled out coming back to Valve and Left 4 Dead in the future.

Turtle Rock announces sci-fi multiplayer shooter Evolve

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For me, Turtle Rock Studios’ Left 4 Dead is about as close as you can get to a perfect game. Simple in concept, infinitely replayable, easy to learn, and impossible to master. I’m not sure how you top it, but I can’t wait to see Turtle Rock try with Evolve, its upcoming sci-fi shooter that pits a team of four hunters against one gigantic, overpowered, player-controlled monster.