Warframe update boosts ninja quotient with clan Dojos and new weapons

A new content update to Warframe adds blades, buildings, and more to the Digital Extremes third-person action title. Update 8.0 Rise of the Warlords brings new locations to the game universe for clan and coop play, and also introduces—for the first time—some rusted-out, enemy-packed Grineer starships to explore.

"It's the biggest update to date, for sure" said Digital Extremes producer Dave Kudirka in a recent dev studio video .

While segments of the new content are still in an alpha phase, clans now have access to a player-designed Dojo environment where they can set up research facilities and dueling rooms in order to access new weapons or test each other in friendly matches. To access the new Dojo feature players must join an existing clan or start their own and will pool in-game resources in order to fund new construction projects.

The free-to-play sci-fi game, in which you pilot Warframe power armor, already offered a fluid and interesting mix of shooter and ninja-based melee combat scenarios, and it looks like Update 8.0 puts some new playstyle options on the table. More than 20 new weapons have been added, including throwing daggers, energy weapons, and biological toxins. The full list of changes and fixes can be found here . Members of the development team will also be hosting a livestream to answer questions and introduce the update Wednesday at 2 p.m. EDT.