Starbound patch prepares for daily content updates, adds Smooth McGroove

There's a new Starbound patch, this one called " Enraged Koala ". Rather than having anything to do with incandescent marsupials, though, this update comes with a hint of amour - bringing both Valentine's items and the a capella crooning of YouTube's Smooth McGroove . The update also improves the early access sandbox's patching system, allowing the Chucklefish team to push out new game content on an almost daily basis.

This update should also pave the way for a stable world system, allowing the developers to add biomes and make changes to worlds without the need for a wipe. Chucklefish admit that their will likely be one more world wipe before this system is finalised, but stress that characters and ships are still safe. And while an early issue with the patch did cause ship containers to be erased, the developers have since issued a hotfix .

You can find the full patch list below.

  • Valentine's Day items including swords, costumes, decorations, bow, etc

  • Engine feature, tech can now be granted by armors

  • Keybinding reconfiguration, minus the UI (you can reconfigure keys through a config file- check here for a tutorial )

  • Server stability fixes for servers with many players

  • New death animations

  • Engine feature, all objects are now scriptable and interactive

  • More Avian weaponry

  • Projectile changes

  • Dogs can now be captured (lots more pets coming soon)

  • A bunch of new items and smaller pieces of content

  • New (actually sounds good!) microphone instrument with sounds provided by Smooth McGroove!

  • Bug where warping to magma/volcano biomes caused crashing was fixed.

Phil Savage

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