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Control hits Xbox Game Pass for PC this week

Control DLSS 2.0 comparison
(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)
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Control was a brilliant and weird return to form for Remedy, with James describing it as "a doozy" in his review (opens in new tab)—that means it's good. In addition to being a fun game to play, it's also one of the best showcases for ray tracing (opens in new tab), so if you've recently purchased a capable card, it's something you probably want to investigate.

And that's a bit easier now, because as of January 21 it'll be part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC line-up. The addition was confirmed on Twitter (opens in new tab) earlier today, and it'll join what's becoming a very substantial line-up: check out the full Xbox Game Pass for PC game list (opens in new tab).

Xbox Game Pass for PC exited beta (opens in new tab) last September and now costs $10 a month (or AU$10.95). At the moment, your first month can be had for a single dollar (opens in new tab). Just quietly, that's plenty of time to finish Control and sample the rest of the catalogue.

Control came in at 73 in our list of the top 100 PC games, which is 72 placements below the number one game for PC, Clustertruck (opens in new tab). Joke! The real results are here (opens in new tab).

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