Be a squaddie in ArmA 2: British Armed Forces

arma 2 thumb

New ArmA 2 DLC! This time, it centres around a mechanised British troop embarking on a large scale counter-insurgency campaign. It'll deliver "numerous" singleplayer missions for the new faction, as well as authentic hardware. It'll be out on the 26th of August for the PC only, and will cost £7.99/$9.99. Trailer and more info below:

Here's some more info on the new vehicles and weapons you'll get to play with as the BAF:

"Players can outfit themselves with Multi-Terrain Pattern uniforms and DPM smocks designed for arid desert areas. Amid the array of the available armaments are the trademark L85A2 infantry assault rifles, machineguns in the form of the L86A2 Light Support Weapon, the L110A1 and the legendary GPMG, along with the L115A1 Long Range Rifle and the formidable AS50 for snipers. Vehicles include the modernised Warrior and Jackal 2 MWMIK armored trucks, with air support provided by Apache AH1 gunships and AH11 Wildcat multirole helicopters. The Merlin HC3 and Chinook HC2 are the backbone of airborne troop transportation."

Also, there are guns and helicopters!