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We want to see your dream daddies

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is out today, and the internet is flooding with top notch dads of all types, from the expected robust bearded boys to straight up scenesters with multicolored hair that’d make a rainbow keel over and call it quits. That’s because before you dive into the daddy dating scene, you need to make your own dad using a character creator brimming with assorted dad bits. Mine is up top. Can you guess who I’m channeling? 

But nevermind my awful first attempt—this is where you come in, readers. We want to see your dads. Not your real dads, obviously, but we want to know who you’re taking into the dating arena and why. Show us your daddy homages built in the image of your favorite pop culture icons, your best original creations, or your vision for the ideal Dad of the Future™—and if no one makes Poppa Geralt, I’ll be severely disappointed.

Drop a link to an image of your dream daddy in the comments and we’ll collect the best submissions in a showcase a few days from now. 

At only 11 years old, James took apart his parents’ computer and couldn’t figure out how to put it back together again. As an Associate Editor, he’s embarked on a dangerous quest to solve Video Games. Wish him luck.