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Terraria creator asks what YOU would like to see in a possible update

It seems today is a good day to speak to the community and ask them how you should update your game. Following the news that Terraria is being ported to consoles with a bunch of new features including split-screen support, a world map and even a new final boss, developer Andrew 'Redigit' Spinks has hinted at a potential update to the PC version of the game. He's taken to the forums to ask players what they want to see, and (at the time of writing) he's received 40 pages worth of replies.

Posing it as a hypothetical question, Spinks posted the following: "Say I am considering doing an update for the PC version of Terraria... In the event that such a thing were to take place, what would be some things that you would be interested in seeing?" Responses include "steal shamelessly from the console functionality", Steam Workshop compatibility, ropes, quicksand, better wiring and larger map types. So far, Spinks appears fond of another pet/s (possibly of the turtle variety), ocean biomes, and more holiday content.

I second the vote for Steam Workshop support, which would give the game an edge over the newer, more feature-packed console versions, and potentially soften the vitriol of those who are angry that it even exists. ALSO: a donkey. I would like a donkey. What about you?

Thanks, PCGamesN .