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Just Cause 2 Multiplayer video: exploring the insanity of Build World

Wes Fenlon at

I didn't think Just Cause 2 Multiplayer could be more ridiculous than it was when it launched in December, but Build World, a custom server created by avid JC2-MP player Jman100, proved me wrong. Any normal JC2-MP server you join will be filled with dozens of people stunt jumping off of jumbo jets or flying boats across the sky. Jman's Build World adds something new: his server, called Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox, includes a separate instance where players can spawn any object that exists in Just Cause 2, from a tree to a Mt. Rushmore-like rock face, and place it as they see fit.

I put together a gallery of Build World's weirdest and funniest sights, which you can find here. But that wasn't enough to convey the silly fun of exploring Build World, so I had Jman100 tour me around his server while I captured video. We inevitably spent most of our time doing backflips in stretch limos, flying boats through the air, and causing havoc with Just Cause's crazy physics. Check it out below.

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer's best server is Build World, and it's full of amazing creations

Wes Fenlon at

On the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer server Jman100's Freeroam Construction Sandbox, players can build cities, obstacle courses, and incredibly creepy statues. Jman100 scripted a custom server instance that he calls Build World. Build World includes an expansive build menu listing hundreds of objects from Just Cause 2. After only a couple weeks, players are building weird and hilarious things. Jman showed us around his server and told us how he built it.

Today we're sharing a gallery of our favorite sights from around Build World and an interview with Jman100. On Friday, we'll be back with video touring some of Build World's most impressive creations and showing off the hilarious physics of Just Cause 2 multiplayer. There will be buses. And stunt jumps.