What did you play last week?

I don't know what Andy Chalk played last week, but I do know that he did it with sweat-free grip thanks to GAMER GOO, a product I am glad exists so I can tell people about it and watch them wince when I say the name.

Chris Livingston tried out yet another battle royale game, this time Tencent's free-to-play variation on the theme which is set in the snow. It's also got a terrible name, the forgettable Ring of Elysium, but Chris fortunately suggested one much better: Royale with Skis. He's also still playing Scum of course, and having some thoughts about that.

Samuel Roberts went hands-on with Just Cause 4, which sounds like it's going to do fun stuff with its weather effects. I've had a similar experience with the Just Cause games as Sam, enjoyably messing around and causing some chaos, then getting bored a short way into the actual storyline. Sam also played a super-short horror game called September 1999, which you can apparently finish in just over five minutes. So that's nice.

I've been playing an indie game called PUSS! It's an avoid-em-up, the kind of game where you navigate mazes while trying not to touch the sides. You control a cat, with your mouse which is kind of ironic, who is trapped inside a television. It's got an eye-boggling aesthetic that's all static and VCR glitches, bold colors and dolphins. At the end of each batch of stages there's a boss fight, the first of which involves slapping a demonic chihuahua. It's certainly memorable. There's a demo on the Steam page if you're interested.

Enough about us. What about you, readers? What have you played in the last week? Are you taking the news of Telltale's closure as an excuse to dive into their back catalog? (I recommend Tales From the Borderlands, if you are.) Is anyone giving CrossCode a try now it's out of Early Access? Still working through Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Let us know. 

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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