Titanfall DLC screenshots show pilot parkour across tall trees and neon shapes

Walls? Robots? Trees? The pilots of Titanfall don't care what surface they're clinging to, as long as it offers maximum potential for headshots, explosions, or a wicked cool jump onto an enemy Titan's unprotected head dome. That's the lesson to be learned by this collection of Titanfall 'Expedition' screenshots, showing some of the new maps due to appear in the game's first DLC.

So far, Respawn have detailed two of the DLC's planned maps. War Games is designed to look like a virtual reality playground for parkour, while Runoff is a smaller map designed across multiple levels. Less is known about the third map, Swamplands. You know, apart from the fact that it takes place in some swamplands.

Titanfall: Expedition is due out later this month.

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