Titanfall Expedition DLC map War Games revealed

I've already put 81 hours into Titanfall . It's been hard to play anything else, but I promised myself I'll take it easy until the first DLC, Expedition , is released. It will add three new maps: Swamplands, in which you'll wallrun on trees (barkrun?), Runoff, which sounds sewer-themed, and War Games, which takes place in Titanfall's training simulator. So far we've only got the smallest peek at Swampland, but today Respawn gave us a thorough breakdown of War Games.

Like the short training area you play through when you first launch Titanfall, the War Games map mostly looks like a clean, bare, virtual reality “parkour playground,” as Respawn Entertainment Designer Jason McCord said . Different areas in the map will bleed into more realistic simulations of cities and battlefields, but will glitch out to remind you they're not real.

McCord also said that War Games is one of the most wallrunning-friendly maps Respawn has built, with long stretches of force fields connecting different areas of the map. We won't know how it'll play until we get a chance to test it, but from a visual standpoint it looks really cool and visually distinct compared to the existing map pool.

If you've played as much Titanfall as I have, you'll want to read McCord's detailed breakdown on Respawn's site . The Expedition DLC pack and the other two DLC packs that will follow it will cost $10 each, but you can also purchase the Season Pass for $25 and save a few bucks.