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This $100 Blue Yeti mic comes with Fallout 76 for some reason

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In the dying embers of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, we've seen a few stranger deals doing the rounds. This one is a little baffling, but kind of neat if you're at the intersection of these interests: you can spend $100 to get both a Blue Microphones Yeti Blackout USB mic (opens in new tab), and a copy of Fallout 76 on PC. So you can play Bethesda's somewhat disappointing multiplayer Fallout game, then make a podcast explaining how you feel about it.

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Blue Yeti Blackout USB Microphone and Fallout 76 Bundle | $100 ($50 off) (opens in new tab)
A fantastic new microphone, and a Fallout multiplayer game that we gave 60% (opens in new tab). Goes together like nuts and gum. Buy at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

The Blue Yeti is our microphone of choice (opens in new tab) for streamers, podcasters, and anyone else who needs to talk into their computer with something higher quality than a headset. I'm not sure how long this deal will last, or even who it's for, exactly, but given that this is Cyber Monday, I wouldn't expect it to stick around for long. 

For context, the Blue Yeti by itself was discounted to $87.13 (opens in new tab) over the weekend, so that's a pretty decent price even if you're only slightly interested in Fallout 76. Fallout, meanwhile, is hovering around the $35 mark (opens in new tab).

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