Guild Wars 2 data miner finds evidence of group matchmaking

Dungeon runners in Guild Wars 2 may soon find it easier to band together with other committed content consumers. Reddit user "that_shaman" has delved into the DAT files of the game's Last Stand at Southsun update, and found evidence to suggest that a Looking for Group tool could be making its way into the game.

Previously, players looking to get together with strangers needed to use third party tools, like the site GW2LFG . Soon though, if the file descriptions are to be believed, the LFG tool will allow users to filter between groups looking for dungeons, Fractals, Living Story quests, rated and unrated PvP, and World vs World. The tool would also allow players to enter and search through custom descriptions, for those embarking on more specific quests. What isn't yet clear is whether ArenaNet are planning to support cross-server grouping.

Also found in the DAT file were new items, including swimwear, a "back-to-school" town clothes set and dragon mask, along with details on the upcoming "Skyhammer" sPvP map, and an item gifting system.

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Phil Savage

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