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Get EVGA's GTX 1070 SC for an all-time low at $280 (update: sold out)

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Update: This deal has ended, sadly. Keep an eye on our Cyber Monday deals (opens in new tab) page as more and more kick off later today.

Original story: We've seen plenty of deals on Nvidia's previous gen graphics cards during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday buildup, with a typical price of around $330-$350. The cheapest I've ever seen a new GTX 1070 is $290, and that sold out pretty fast. You can beat that by $10 right now with this GTX 1070 deal at B&H (opens in new tab).

This is an SC model, so it comes with a decent factory overclock of 1594MHz, vs. 1506MHz stock. The only potential catch is that you'll need the $20 MIR to get to $280. Otherwise, the price is $300, which is still an excellent bargain.

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EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC Black Edition 8GB | $279.99 (opens in new tab)
This is around $70 cheaper than most GTX 1070 cards on Newegg, and one of the best deals we've spotted so far on a 10-series Nvidia card. A $20 mail-in rebate is required, otherwise it's $299.99 (which is still a great deal). Buy at B&H (opens in new tab)

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Jarred Walton
Jarred Walton

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