Every game at E3 2013 and its PC release outlook

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Now that the blinding glare of every major publisher simultaneously projecting marketing at us has dimmed, we have a clearer picture of what E3 2013 revealed, what's important to us, and what we expect to be playing on PC within the next couple years. And here it all is.

In this list, we've compiled every game announced—as well as a few which were shown again—and their PC release statuses, with a few exceptions. We left out games already released on PC, like Diablo III and Planetside 2, as well as long-running console exclusive series and other accepted PC no-shows, such as Kinect Sports Rivals, Super Smash Bros., Killzone: Shadow Fall, Infamous, Halo, and so on.

Alright, so it's actually a list of almost every game shown at E3, but even when you cut E3's Nintendo, Halo, Killzone, and Madden announcements, there's a ton to see, and it's all alphabetized here. We've also color coded each entry: GREEN means confirmed for PC, BLUE means it's a maybe, and RED means we doubt the topic will be discussed anytime soon, but hey, anything can happen.

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Arma 3

Announced for PC? Of course!
Release date Beta begins June 25, 2013

Arma 3 is already in alpha, but that didn't keep Bohemia from showing it at E3. Speaking to us at the show, the developer revealed that the beta, with new vehicles, scenarios, and a new faction, will begin on June 25th. We also saw a dozen new screenshots, some of which were grabbed from the beta.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date October 29, 2013 (NA), November 1, 2013 (EU)

Want to watch a really weird music video about pirates, but maybe also about drugs? The Assassin's Creed IV "Horizon" trailer, embedded below, is all yours to consume with a cocked eyebrow. If you want to know more about Black Flag's story and protagonist, however, try the E3 cinematic trailer, which begins with a bar fight, and then- oh, wait, nope, another weird music montage. Or you could read our most recent preview of the pirate adventure.

Battlefield 4

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date October 29, 2013 (NA), November 1, 2013 (EU)

Battlefield 4's multiplayer was the focus of E3, and we got to play a round on the Siege of Shanghai map. It was a good time, though we're a bit concerned by the lack of core changes to the Battlefield 3 experience. Still, the vastness of the map and its central, collapsible skyscraper aren't at all trivial features—see how it looks from the perspective of an expert player in a much better organized match below.


Announced for PC? Nope
Release date TBA

The beautiful Below, a Capy game with music from Jim Guthrie (the same duo behind Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery LP), was shown at E3 with the enticing trailer below and the tagline "Explore. Survive. Discover." It's only announced for Xbox One, and with Microsoft Studios publishing it may stay that way, but Capy has brought other games to PC.

Black Tusk Studios (untitled game)

Announced for PC? Nope
Release date TBA

Black Tusk Studios is one of Microsoft's first-party developers, so whatever this teased game is, it's another expected Xbox One exclusive for all eternity. Unless... Windows 8? Maybe?

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date November 5, 2013

I wasn't very impressed by the Call of Duty: Ghosts demo shown at E3, but there's still plenty of time for Activison and Infinity Ward to show us something more impressive before the November release. One of our main hopes for Ghosts' campaign is that it'll take risks. So far, the gameplay's novelty looks to rely on sets and set pieces (as seen in the diving level below) and not mechanics. Let's hope we see some experimentation with the latter—I want to see what players are allowed to do on their own, without the precise direction of a soft voice in their ears.


Announced for PC? Yep
Release date 2013

Contrast was announced for PS4 at the show, but it'll be on Steam too, according to the official site.

Crimson Dragon

Announced for PC? Nope
Release date TBA

From the creator of Panzer Dragoon comes Crimson Dragon, which looks a lot like a new Panzer, just missing an extra 'o.' Oh, and it's an Xbox One exclusive. Darn.


Announced for PC? Nope
Release date TBA

Another Microsoft Studios game, another likely Xbox One exclusive. D4 is an episodic murder mystery set inside a Photoshop filter which somehow makes time travel possible.

Dark Souls 2

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date March 2014

This time, Dark Souls II is coming directly to PC—none of this petitioning malarkey—and we're damn excited to be damned again. We're so excited, we named it the best RPG of E3 2013. That's not a knock on The Witcher 3, which we also expect to be incredible, just acknowledgement of DSII's fantastic demonstration. That mirror boss (about 50 seconds into the video) is just diabolical.


Announced for PC? Yep
Release date 2014

Daylight is a horror game from Zombie Studios announced for the PC and PS4. Abandoned hospital? Check. Flooded basement? Check. Fluorescent light cut into shadows by a slowly spinning ceiling fan? Check. Glimpse of a shadowed figure? Check. Cracked, eyeless porcelain doll? Check! Daylight has all the makings of every horror game ever!

Really, though, it's one we're watching, especially for the "procedurally generated world" which is said to restructure the environment for each new game.

Dead Rising 3

Announced for PC? Nope
Release date November 2013

Dead Rising 2 made it to PC right along with its Xbox 360 and PS3 buddies, but Dead Rising 3's fate lies as an Xbox One exclusive launch game, just as the first in the series was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Aw, we want to craft electric saw hammers too! If it does well, we can hope DR2 gets a PC port after the second wave of big Xbox One games hits, but don't expect to hear a peep about it during the initial marketing push.


Announced for PC? Nope, but it's not been ruled out
Release date TBA 2014

Bungie isn't interested in discussing its new MMO shooter's potential on PC, except to say that the idea is loveable and appetizing. For now, all we can do is look on at the co-op alien killing with fingers crossed that PC support won't be seen as a distraction from console support.


Announced for PC? Yep, it's on Greenlight
Release date TBA

[Added June 20, 2013] Divekick is a 2D fighting game which uses two buttons. One evades, one divekicks. To win, you must divekick your oppenent—one hit earns a knock out. That's Divekick. It sounds a bit ridiculous on paper, but in practice, I'm hearing great things about the game of positioning, timing, and nerves.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date Fall 2014

Dragon Age III: Inquisition has become Dragon Age: Inquisition, a sequel with three fewer 'I's (though "inquisition" already has enough, doesn't it?) revealed to be coming next fall. Though the E3 trailer doesn't show any gameplay, it's called "actual game footage," which we assume means "rendered in real-time in Frostbite 3," as "actual pre-rendered cutscene" wouldn't be much to brag about.

We don't know a lot more than what's revealed here, but this is what we'd like to see in DA: Inquisition.


Announced for PC? Nope
Release date November 2013

Evolution Studios, creator of MotorStorm, is building this promising racer exclusively for the PS4. And, like MotorStorm, it'll probably stay that way. Keep on driving, folks, The Crew and Need for Speed: Rivals are just down the road.

Dying Light

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date 2014

Techland (you probably know 'em from Dead Island, or the recent, surprisingly good Call of Juarez: Gunslinger) has a new zombie game, and it has an urban parkour CG trailer. The video isn't quite the marketing phenomenon that was the Dead Island CG trailer, but it's an enticing offer. That is, assuming the game looks and plays anything like it.

EVR — EVE Virtual Reality

Announced for PC? Sort of
Release date Nope

EVR (EVE Virtual Reality) is the Oculus Rift dogfighting game CCP showed off at Fanfest 2013 and then E3, and it runs on PC...but isn't announced for anything. The pet project is probably being shown to gauge interest in Rift games, and so far, our interest is very, very high.

Table of Contents: A-E | F-M | N-S | T-Z