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What a nightmare: This Claptrap talking car charger is on sale for $20

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This is technically a Black Friday deal: ThinkGeek has a Borderlands Claptrap Car Charger on sale for $20 (opens in new tab), and it will talk to you. The figure fits into cup holders, plugs into that port that hasn't been used for cigarette lighters in years, and says three phrases:

  • Hahaaaa! I am alive! Let's get moving o' noble henchman. 
  • Oooh... I finally got an excuse to turn this on. 
  • How ya feelin' minion? Ya feelin' good? I'm feelin' good.

The second one doesn't even make sense. Turn what on? You're a car charger, bud. And how are there only three phrases? If I'm going to torture myself by putting the annoying Borderlands robot in my car, I want at least 10 irritating catch phrases for my money.

The thing includes two USB charging points, and the product specifications don't forget to point out that it "features a mute button." You'll probably only press it once. 

You can grab Claptrap (if you really want to) and lots of other nerd ephemera on sale during ThinkGeek's Black Friday sale (opens in new tab). If you're more in the market for new PC parts and peripherals, though, head to our PC gaming Black Friday deals hub.

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Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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