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Watch 12 minutes of Total War: Warhammer's Bretonnia faction in action

Creative Assembly rolled out an "in-game cinematic trailer" for the upcoming Total War: Warhammer faction DLC Bretonnia earlier this week, showcasing its very Arthurian roots and the importance of chivalry above all. Today's 12-minute gameplay trailer digs deeper into its unique features, including the way that the Legendary Lords' personality traits will reflect their actions in the game. 

"Traits for Bretonnians have a bit more depth to them than they do for the other races, allowing you to see where and why you received it," the narrator states. "The Puissant Virtue is a King Louen-specific one, but we can see that he's a confident attacker, gained by winning many extensive battles. He is, however, a procrastinator because he once sat idle in Couronne for a long time, playing the diplomacy game." 

And those traits have a very real impact on the game: Louen's Confident Attacker trait gives him a +10 to Chivalry, among other bonuses, but as a Procrastinator he suffers a -20 hit.   

It's a very cool feature, because personalization emerges based entirely on how you actually play the game: Aggressive play will result in more aggressive Lords, "with Traits that play into that," and even individual actions, like Louen's defeat of Khazrak One-Eye, can have an impact. 

The Total War: Warhammer—Bretonnia DLC is set to go live on February 28, and is free for everyone who owns the game. Full details are available on Steam

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