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Ubisoft details The Crew season pass

The Crew

Ubisoft's racing MMO The Crew comes out on December 2, and today the publisher announced to absolutely nobody's surprise that a season pass will be up for grabs as well. The pass will include early access to four DLC car packs, a pair of exclusive supercars, tuning kits, and other extra content.

Each of the four DLC car packs in the season pass will offer three cars, grouped together in a particular theme: The Extreme Car Pack in January 2015, the Speed Car Pack in February, the Vintage Car Pack in March, and the Raid Car Pack in April. The release of each car pack will also see the addition of theme-related missions and new PvP modes that will be available to all players, free of charge.

Also included with the season pass is exclusive launch-day access to the McLaren 12C and Ferrari 458 Speciale, 23 tuning kits for the vehicles in the car packs, all official paint jobs and rims for each car, and an exclusive sticker for new car pack.

The car packs will be purchasable for $7 each, while the season pass will cost $25 for everything and offer access to the new content a week earlier than everyone else. The season pass will also be included in The Crew Gold Edition. Full details are up on the Ubiblog.

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