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Play The Division, Steep, and Trials Fusion this weekend for free

In celebration of E3, Ubisoft has temporarily made three of its games available for free: Steep, The Division, and Trials Fusion. It's the usual Free Weekend dealio, only this time on Uplay, so if you aren't a fan of Ubisoft's Steam alternative, then you're out of luck.

You'll need to sign up here to take advantage of the free weekend, which comes with the following bullet points relating to The Division:

  • The Free Weekend is PC exclusive.
  • Progress made during the Free Weekend will carry over to the full game.
  • Free weekend users have access to the full base game during the event.
  • DLC content is not available to free weekend users.
  • Discounts on The Division and its DLC are available during the event in the Uplay shop.

Incidentally, there's a 'Crazy E3 Sale' going on over on the Uplay store, discounting the likes of Watch Dogs 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, For Honor and Rainbow Six Siege. (Ta, Blue's News.)