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The excellent Logitech C920 webcam is just £25 on Amazon UK today, its best ever price

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Amazon UK's deal of the day in the run-up to Black Friday is perfect if you're a budding streamer, or just need a new webcam. The Logitech C920HD is its best ever price (opens in new tab) on the retailer today. 

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Logitech C920HD Pro Webcam | £24.99 (save £65) (opens in new tab)
We called this the webcam for everyone, and on Amazon UK today it's at its best ever price. It offers a sharp 1080p image, and performs well in low lighting. Buy at Amazon UK (opens in new tab)

Before this, the camera tended to hover around the £30 mark whenever it was discounted, making this a decent saving. While it has previously retailed for £90, in recent months it's more regularly been sold for £50-£60. Either way, this is a great deal.

In our long and detailed list of the best webcams (opens in new tab), the C920 comes top. "Most readers can stop here. Unless you're looking for specific features in a webcam, then there is no better value than the Logitech C920. Its sharp 1080p images, paired with a wide field of view and great autofocus, makes it a fantastic choice for video conferencing. Lowlight performance is great as well; the noise level didn't shoot through the roof when I turned off a few lights." It's a 1080p camera, but that'll do it for most people. Check out the link above if you need 4K options.

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