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Our favorite USB mic is at its lowest price ever at $99 for Black Friday

Samson G-Track Pro
(Image credit: Samson)
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The Samson G-Track Pro is so good we rated it as our favorite USB mic of 2019 and now it's available for its lowest-ever price of just $99 for Black Friday. If you already have a gaming headset, you might feel like a USB mic is a superfluous purchase—but a proper mic is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who streams on Twitch or wants to capture high-quality audio for video or music recording. And if you're not looking to drop a few hundred on a studio mic, the Samson G-Track offers an exceptional value.

This side-address condenser mic has multiple polar patterns including omnidirectional and cardiod, so you can use it to capture audio in a variety of situations. It even features instrument direct input along with the standard zero-latency monitoring, gain, and headphone volume controls. Compared to the ever-popular Blue Yeti, though, the Samson G-Track Pro's greatest asset is the low noise floor that will fully capture the sultry, dulcet tones of your voice without the annoying clicking of your mouse and keyboard—a major complaint of the hyper-sensitive Yeti.

If you're still not convinced, you can check out our full review where we put the G-Track Pro through its paces in both podcasting and music recording sessions. You can also check out the other Black Friday deals we found on mics to see what compares, but for $99 you're not going to find much that beats this offer. 

Samson G-Track Pro USB condenser mic | $99 (save $30)

Samson G-Track Pro USB condenser mic | $99 (save $30)
This is the best deal we've seen on our favorite mic, which features stellar audio quality, multiple polar patterns, and a rock-solid design.

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