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Logitech's C920 webcam, our favorite, is at its lowest price ever

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Despite it not being Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Logitech's fantastic C920 webcam is on sale right now for its lowest price ever: $46 on Amazon. Well, it was $1 cheaper on December 11th, but heck, even at $1 more, it's still a great deal.

The C920 is our favorite pick when it comes to webcams because it handles everything so well. Image quality is great and still works well under dimly lit conditions. While the built in microphone is nothing to write home about, its high-quality Carl Zeiss lens still lets the wannabe streaming in you shine through.

For microphone duties more representatives of a real streamer, pick up our favorite microphone, the Blue Yeti, currently going for $90 which is also at its lowest price ever.

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