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Does anyone remember the before times, when we used to pay full price for games? I don't, and it was only a couple of days ago, before the Steam sale, the various Humble sales , and Black Friday reared their salesy heads. The latest digital shop putting its digital bargain bin out for display is (nee Good Old Games), which has slashed 70% off 65 games including Alone in the Dark 1-3, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Master of Magic, Tex Murphy, Realms of the Haunting and many more. It's a good selection of stuff, even though a lot of GOG's big-hitters appear to be sitting this one out. Still: cheap games.

I won't give you the full list of games, because I'm a jerk and I don't want to type them all out. But here a few more names: The Chronicles of Riddick, Creatures, Guilty Gear, Simon the Sorcerer, Robinsons's Requieum and er, Superfrog. If the Steam sale and the Humble sale and eating and paying rent hasn't already bled your wallet dry this November, you should consider giving this big list o' cheap games a butcher's. You have around 2-and-a-half days left to make your mind up so, y'know, there's no real rush.

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