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Fanatical's Black Friday sale includes time-limited flash deals just like Papa Steam used to make

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If you're the kind of person who responds to every new Steam sale by bemoaning the loss of flash deals that were only available for a limited time, Fanatical's Black Friday sale has got you covered with its 24-hour and 48-hour deals. The official key reseller and bundle-maker brings back limited-duration bargains during Black Friday each year.

As I write this, a Steam key for pirate-themed Baldur's Gate homage Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Obsidian Edition can be yours for $12, but you've got less than 16 hours left to grab it. Subnautica Below Zero is going for $18 and Resident Evil Village is $25.20, both for the same duration, after which a new set of flash deals will be available. By the time you read this, you may already have missed out! (Though just between you and me, last year Fanatical repeated some of the most popular deals for a 24-hour encore on Cyber Monday and I would not be surprised if they did so again.) 


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In the non-FOMO portion of Fanatical's sale there are other bargains to be found. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is $22, which is a slightly better discount than Steam's current sale price, as is Death Stranding for $14.40. You can also save 21% on a pre-order of Total War Warhammer 3

Fanatical's specialty are bundles and right now you can get a Build Your Own Elite VR Bundle that lets you select from 20 virtual reality games, getting a steeper discount the more you add. If surprises are your thing, there's a Very Positive Mystery Bundle that gives you a selection of up to 10 random games, each of which has a user rating of Very Positive on Steam.

Alternatively, the Epic Games Store Black Friday sale and the Steam Autumn Sale are both running to the end of the month.

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