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Fallout 76 drops in price (again) to $35

Some were surprised when Bethesda dropped the price of Fallout 76 to $40 for Black Friday, since the game was only released last week. If that wasn't enough of a discount for you, the price has dropped yet again—you can buy the game right now from Amazon for just $34.99.

It's definitely unusual to see a $25 drop in price so soon after a massive game is released, but the recent underwhelming reviews from critics and gamers may have something to do with that. In our review, Chris said he still had "long stretches of fun with Fallout 76," and noted that it still includes many beloved elements from previous Bethesda RPGs.

Even though many of the current in-game bugs are frustrating, $35 is a much better price than $60, and the experience will hopefully continue to improve as Bethesda fixes problems and adds more content. Maybe buy a copy for a friend and experience the bugs—both the mutated and troubling videogame kind—together.

Fallout 76 | $34.99 ($25 off)

Fallout 76 | $34.99 ($25 off)
Bestheda's latest RPG adventure is already $25 off for all platforms—PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Buy at Amazon

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Corbin Davenport

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