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New video from League of Legends hip-hop group True Damage already has 3 million views

Last year's League of Legends World Championship featured the debut of the song Pop/Stars by virtual K-pop act K/DA, and this year it's time for imaginary videogame hip-hop crew True Damage to have their turn, with a song and accompanying video/advertisement for new in-game skins called Giants.

According to Riot, "Formed by K/DA’s rapper Akali (Soyeon of (G)I-dle), True Damage is a virtual hip-hop group that fuses the raw vocal talents of Ekko (Thutmose, Duckwrth), Senna (Keke Palmer), and Qiyana (Becky G) with Yasuo’s cutting-edge production." The musicians and their digital apparitions performed together in augmented reality at the opening of the 2019 World Championships, at the same time as the animated video debuted on YouTube. 

It already has well over three million views, and our Gorillaz/Hatsune Miku/NG Resonance future is one step closer to being realized.

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