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Godzilla makes its Microsoft Flight Simulator debut with this mod

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios/Sergio Perea)

So far, the bulk of Microsoft Flight Simulator's mods have been sensible things, like new liveries for planes, fixing some of the map's omissions, and introducing the King of the Monsters, Godzilla. 

Yes, Godzilla has finally made his Microsoft Flight Sim debut, and it turns out it's on holiday. Don't you know you shouldn't be gallivanting around the world during a plague, Godzilla? Very irresponsible.  

Modder Sergio Perea plonked the scaly behemoth down in San Francisco beside the Bay Bridge, but upon closer inspection it doesn't look like the residents of San Francisco actually have anything to worry about. Instead of the real Godzilla—who you should fear and respect—this is just a giant toy. And while he does seem to have posable limbs, he doesn't get to use them to smash cities or other monsters. He just stands there stoically. What a relief. Now all we need is a giant toy Mothra to fly around inside. 

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(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios/Sergio Perea)
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(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios/Sergio Perea)
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(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios/Sergio Perea)
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(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios/Sergio Perea)
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(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios/Sergio Perea)

If you fancy adding Godzilla to San Francisco's skyline, you can download it from Nexus Mods, where you'll also find installation instructions. I went for a wee trip to check out the monster for myself and I'm now convinced every city needs a monster. It's an imposing sight, even on a nice sunny day like today.

Mods aren't necessary, however, if you want to see some oddities. Thanks to a typo in OpenStreetMap, there are intimidating obelisks towering over Melbourne, the Italian countryside and other locations. It's much better than the real world. 

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