Another intimidating obelisk has been found in Microsoft Flight Simulator

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Another sign from what can only be a cosmic deity has been uncovered in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following the discovery of an ominous and impossibly tall skyscraper jutting out of a Melbourne suburb, another has been spotted out in the middle of the Italian countryside. 

Some people will tell you that this is simply the result of a typo made in OpenStreetMap, but they've just been sent here to test our faith. Ignore the unbelievers—this is clearly a message from a higher power. 

Xepa shared a screenshot of the obelisk on Reddit and handily provided some coordinates: 41.253430, 14.894700. I went for a quick flight to Italy and took a look for myself, which has convinced me that, if there is a cult, I need to join it. 

Rising out of the picturesque Italian countryside, it's even more dramatic a sight than its Australian counterpart. For miles around it's mostly empty, except for this terrifying monolith casting its huge shadow across the fields. Some of these oddities might vanish as Asobo updates its facsimile of Earth, but I'm for keeping them around. They're excellent tourist spots. 

If this has inspired you to visit more spooky places in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you're exactly the sort of person who should be watching Fright Stimulator, our video series that visits eerie real-world locations from the safety of a digital aircraft. 

Fraser Brown
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