Here’s why Microsoft Flight Simulator has a terrifying Australian obelisk

Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Image credit: Microsoft)

While flying the virtual skies of Melbourne, Microsoft Flight Simulator players have discovered a narrow, absurdly high skyscraper that definitely seems out of place in a regular suburb. 

As it turns out, this bizarrely towering building is the result of a typo. To generate its maps, developer Asobo used data from Bing Maps, which in turn uses user-submitted data from free wiki world map OpenStreetMap. An OpenStreetMap user accidentally put down the number of building stories as 212 instead of 2, as Twitter user Liam O found out after someone spotted the ridiculously tall building. 

While the error was eventually fixed, Asobo grabbed the data for its Flight Simulator Melbourne map in the meantime, creating the suburban spire of doom you now find in the game. Players have since then flocked to the monolith, with one brave soul even landing on it.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Flight Simulator gives you the entire world to explore by plane, thanks to an AI that maps the world from satellite images. While this is not what happened in the case of the amazing Melbourne skyscraper, the AI has wrongly interpreted some images with fun results—in a video by BBC News you can see that some bridges in London ended up underwater, and that Buckingham palace was turned into a block of flats because of the automatically chosen textures. 

Either way, the world looks stunning from way up high, and you’re only likely to find small details like this if you’re taking a really close look at ground level. 

You can find the towering Melbourne citadel yourself by starting at Essendon Airport and flying northeast.

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