And in other PC gaming news...

Tom Hatfield at

So the Battlefield 3 beta is open to all, Tom S has recorded his Battlefield 3 beta impressions and we've even asked you what you think. Like all betas, it's come its fair share of bugs, including some hilarious ones. Like the ability to fall through the earth and continue the fight in the no-clip-mans'-land below, as documented in the jaunty silent movie above.

Check inside for a collection of buggy, unstable PC Gaming news.

  • Following yesterday's Syndicate trailer, Gametrailers have some gameplay footage.
  • Notch says he has two more features to add to Minecraft, then it'll enter a polishing and bug fixing phase before release.
  • IndieGames reveals IndiePub, the indie only distribution platform for indie games by indie developers. Indie.
  • Massively report that Bioware accidentally sent an Old Republic beta survey to people not yet in the beta, and apologise for 'getting their hopes up'.
  • Edge have a fascinating story about about how gamers are helping Nasa discover new planets.
  • Eurogamer explain how The Old Republic's early access system will work.

How are you enjoying the Battlefield 3 beta guys? Found any funny bugs of your own?