And in other PC gaming news...

Tom Hatfield at

An interesting comparison here, showing Battlefield 3 on the PC and PS3 side by side so you can see exactly how well each version plays. DICE have certainly managed to squeeze a lot out of the PS3 hardware, probably enough to fool ITV into thinking it's real footage, but if you look carefully, you can just about make out the difference. Thanks to Duncan 'Dead End Thrills' Harris for the tip off.

Check inside for a collection of low resolution, boxy PC gaming news.

  • The Eve Online blog tells us how users modded in game TV screens to play their own videos, and how CCP liked it so much they made it a feature.
  • Infinity Ward tell GamespyModern Warfare 3's dedicated servers were added because of fan response to Modern Warfare 2.
  • There's been an 'overwhelming' response to Onlive's UK launch, say Gamerzines.
  • Videogamers pick up on an interesting infographic by Ignite on how PC gaming is overtaking consoles.
  • The Reticule talks to Valve's Chet Falziek about the changes to de_dust in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
  • Notch tweets us this video about the perils of having Endermen for neighbours.

Have you gotten into the Battlefield 3 beta readers? Tell us, how is it running on your system? Is it as beautiful as the videos we've seen?