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The Seiren Mini is the best entry-level microphone with the best sound and cheaper than ever

Razer Seiren Mini
(Image credit: Razer)

While stuffing yourself with turkey, oxtail, mac and cheese and mash potatoes don't forget to get your stocking stuffers while they're on sale. The Black Friday deals are rolling in and they're only going to get better. Razer is off to a good start by dropping their price of the Razer Seiren Mini by $15. This supercardioid USB mic is now available on Amazon for just $34.99

Featured in our long list of deals the Razer Seiren Mini is a desktop mic with a sleek look coming in different colors such as white, black or pink—so fetch! This minimalist microphone can be adjusted through sound settings on your pc or streaming software. It's a great plug in play option for pro and new streamers.


Razer Seiren Mini | USB | Supercardioid | $49.99 $34.99 at Amazon (save $15)
The Seiren Mini is the mic I have sat on my desktop right now, and it's a beauty. It's a little lozenge of microphone joy for the casual user, with a price tag to match. You can get it in white or pink, too, and now all the colors are discounted! It's a super-simple mic, using the internals of more expensive options within a basic package. I mean, there's not even a mute button...

This mic is very simple, there are no physical buttons accompanying the design, but that makes it perfect for anyone just looking for a quality microphone to add better audio compared to their current headset mic. It provides a better voice output quality with its supercardioid pattern, designed to reduce background noise, and uses the same internal electronics as the far more expensive Razer Seiren. And looks good doing it, too. The Seiren Mini is also made to be compact and easily transportable, with super-simple setup, and no need for fancy software. 

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