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Black Friday deals liveblog: reporting the best deals as they happen

We're running the rule over the best Black Friday deals around to keep you updated on all the PC gaming goodies on offer.

Black Friday deals liveblog: reporting the best deals as they happen

It's Black Friday, people. Right now. Obviously, it's already kind of been Black Friday for the last week or so, but the big deals are happening now, and we're here to keep you updated on all the movers and shakers in the world of Black Friday deals. All live and such. 

We're curating our own lists of the best Black Friday deals in several different categories, which you can check out below. Still, here we'll be highlighting the ones we think you should be checking out right now, anything new that pops up, and talking trash about the ones we think are offensively bad too, 'cos that's how we roll.

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This page will automatically update with the latest Black Friday fun.

You can check out all Amazon's Black Friday deals here


Morning UK bargain hunters! Harry here to help shepherd you through this exciting, stressful, overwhelming time, and help you find the right PC gaming goodies, for plenty less.

I'll be around to keep you up to date with the hottest (and plenty of the weirdest) deals and other Black Friday goodness this morning. So, strap yourselves in: 'Tis the season for dealz.

While I get my abacus out to scientifically work out the very best PC gaming deals around this Black Friday, here are the places to scan for some fresh steals, so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

Except an RTX 3080. You're probably not going to find one of those, sorry.

Speaking of Nvidia's elusive new 30-series GPUs, our Hardware Overlord, Dave, has put together all the ways you can buy an RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 so you can enjoy an Ampere-powered Christmas this year.

Besides making an offering to the deity of your choice, and getting extremely lucky, that'll be by going for a pre-built PC. Sadly one of our favourite offers, the Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition for £1,449 (£19 off), packing a 3070, is now out of stock. 

However, this has been the best option for grabbing Ampere cards so far, so we'll be keeping you abreast of any further UK deals like this we see. But, as ever, you'll need to be quick, so keep an eye on our top Black Friday gaming PC deals. As well as staying on this page, of course, (don't leave me).

And for all the other top UK Black Friday deals right now, check out our round up:

Black Friday UK deals
Bargains galore

Black Friday UK deals
We're curating all the best Black Friday PC gaming deals in the UK right now. Whether you're after a new laptop, monitor, SSD, or RTX 3080, this is the place to come. Who am I kidding, no-one's got any 3080s to sell, let alone discount...

Ok, so naturally I'm a bit biased here, but this is a great deal on a year's sub to PC Gamer. For £45.40 (half price) you get a year of thoughtful reviews, engrossing features, and an especially excellent 'How To' section walking you through tricky games and systems—I hear the writer behind the latter is especially wonderful.

PC Gamer Magazine sub | £91
Subs deal

PC Gamer Magazine sub | £91 £45.40 for 13 issues at Magazines Direct (save 50%)
This fine magazine makes the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone, and that could mean you or anyone else you hold dear. With a half-price discount on a physical copy delivered direct to your door, it's a bloody Christmas miracle is what it is. And if you just want a digital sub it's just £28.50. Oof.

We're there already.

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Want to take some quality PC gaming on the go? Whether you prize portability and design, or just raw graphical horsepower, we've got the hottest UK gaming laptop deals here: 

Black Friday UK Gaming Laptop deals
Laptop bargains

Black Friday UK Gaming Laptop deals
We're seeing a huge number of deals going down on gaming laptops this year. With the new generation of mobile GPUs expected next year, stock is being shifted sometimes with hefty discounts on some fantastic mobile gaming monsters.

If you're crossing your fingers and toes in the hope of bagging an RTX 3070/80, you're going to want to look into upgrading other parts of your system to avoid pesky bottlenecks.

Swapping our your RAM is a simple way of benefitting from smoother PC performance. It's worth mentioning before you start shelling out that AMD chips work best with DDR4 3600 memory, whereas Intel's play just fine with DDR 3200.

Black Friday RAM deals
Fast memory

Black Friday RAM deals
Buffing the memory in your PC is a nice and easy way to upgrade your gaming machine. Just slot in a new set of speedy sticks and your experience will be plenty smoother. You could get good value RAM already, but now Black Friday is here to make prices even better.

Ok, confession time: I'm still rocking a 1080p setup. The thing is, I've passed on 1440p for so long now, I feel like I might as well just make the jump to 4K, but it's so expensive.

That said, this is the kind of monitor I'd normally laugh at the price of and move on, as I look for a display befitting my (imaginary) RTX 3080 in my (fantasy) 4K rig. At nearly £500 off, this 4K, 120Hz, 34-inch curved Alienware panel is a monster; No wonder it's flying off the virtual shelves this Black Friday.


Alienware AW3420DW | 34-inch Curved | 120Hz | 4K | £1,304.10 £829.79 at Dell (save £474)
This is the cream of the IPS monitor crop, with G-Sync for Nvidia users. It'll let you make the most of those gorgeous next-gen RTX games, and the 120Hz refresh rate is more than enough to deliver a smooth, immersive gaming experience at 4K. And you're saving a ridiculous £475, too.

But if you're looking for high resolution PC gaming on a TV, I've got you covered, too. This LG CX OLED is, in our opinion, the best 4K gaming TV you can buy right now, and you can grab it for over £100 at Currys right now. If you don't mind not having voice control, you can benefit from the blackest blacks, colossal contrast, plus FreeSync and G-Sync.

It's also absolutely the TV I'd be buying right now, if I weren't being such a good boy this Black Friday and saving the pennies. That said, if it's not the display for you, or you're looking for a monitor, check out more of our hand-picked Black Friday gaming monitor deals.


LG OLED55CX6LB | 55-inch | OLED | 4K | £1,199 £1,098 at Currys (save £101)
A slightly newer model, this is excellent value for money, even without the sale. It may be lacking voice control, but otherwise it has all the same features as its predecessor (the OLED55CX6LA), and for a fraction of the price.

It's been mixed in terms of queues this Black Friday so far. The Montrealers below are braving the conditions this year, but there are some shops (normally with people waiting round the block) entirely without queues this year, as some stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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As we start to wind down our UK coverage and move onto US deals, here's a recap of the places where you can find the best UK deals:

Of course, Black Friday deals aren't just on hardware. You'll know that if you've had a gander at our best Steam Autumn Sale deals list.

But we're also big Sea of Thieves fans at PC Gamer. We're just as big fans of fashion, so a little bit too much of our money will likely be spent on kitting out our pirates in some fresh threads. Landlubbers need not apply.

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Building PC's yourself can be onerous. It's confusing, you can short your expensive kit, and it might even give you some cuts and bruises in the process. Sometimes, you just need to go pre-built.

But if you want to pick up a gaming PC bargain, you should act fast in the UK and US. Best Buy is down to its last two models right now. 

Keep an eye on our roundup of the best Black Friday gaming PC deals for more pre-built setups.

And that's a wrap on our UK-focused Black Friday coverage. I'll still let you know right here if we spot any major UK deal, but our focus is on helping folk across the pond from now.

With that in mind, US chums, below you can find links to the shops at which you could be finding your own killer Black Friday PC gaming deal, including Newegg, Walmart, and more:

Remember when I said getting an RTX 3080 would be a struggle this Black Friday? It will be, unless you want to go pre-built.

Yes, US folk can get the 3080-powered Alienware Aurora R11 for $2,391. $48 off isn't a huge discount, but you'll get the GPU everyone is hoping to play Cyberpunk 2077 on by Christmas, Even better, the new Call of Duty is thrown in, too.

Alienware Aurora R11 | i7 10700KF | RTX 3080|  $2,439.99
Get a 3080

Alienware Aurora R11 | i7 10700KF | RTX 3080| $2,439.99 $2,391.19 at Dell (save $48)
A small discount on the Aurora R11, but it's currently our favorite pre-built gaming PC, and you can actually get one with an RTX 3080. Or an RTX 3070. In these scarce times, that's a win.

If you're looking for a monitor bargain with a silly-high refresh rate, Alienware has you covered. The FreeSync-enabled model below is currently $100 under the current Amazon price, but it's already been 70 percent claimed. Pick it up while you still can.

Alienware 25 AW2518HF | $249.99 (save $100)
Super smooth

Alienware 25 AW2518HF | $249.99 (save $100)
This 25-inch gaming monitor from Alienware is available from Dell's website for $100 under the current Amazon price. Get it while you can.

If you're anything like me, you won't be spending too much this Black Friday. I would be if it didn't cost so much to own a damn house in the UK, but you don't want to get me started on that.

Anyway, if you're not planning on dropping megabucks this year, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the deals action. Here are the best Black Friday PC gaming deals for under $200, including the bargain-priced Samsung NVMe drive below. Want to stay ahead of those PS5 and Series X load times? This'll be the super-fast drive to do it.

Samsung 970 EVO Plus | 1TB | PCIe 3.0 | $249.99
Great performance

Samsung 970 EVO Plus | 1TB | PCIe 3.0 | $249.99 $149.99 at Amazon (save $100)
While we're still waiting for the newer PCIe 4.0 interface to become ubiquitous, speedy PCIe 3.0 SSDs, such as this excellent Samsung 970 EVO Plus, are still absolutely worth your money. For under $150 this is a good price for a 1TB NVMe SSD, though you may find lesser-known brands hitting $120-odd throughout Black Friday.

US folk! If you're just starting your foray into this year's consumerist Christmas, this is where you should start. Featuring the best deals on graphics cards, RAM, pre-built rigs and more, these are the very best discounts we've found so far:

Black Friday deals
Bargains galore

Black Friday deals
We're curating all the best Black Friday PC gaming deals right now. Whether you're after a new laptop, monitor, SSD, or RTX 3080, this is the place to come. Who am I kidding, no-one's got any 3080s to sell, let alone discount... though you just might find a full gaming PC with one inside.

Not everything you play on PC will be best with a mouse and keyboard. Shooters and strategy games, sure, are best played with these iconic PC peripherals, but it's open-world games like The Witcher, and Souls games, that are best on a pad.

That's why you should look into picking up the Wireless Xbox Controller. $20 off at Best Buy is a decent discount, especially since discounts on it have been rare in the past. But it's even better when you find out that this is the brand new Xbox Series X controller. It doesn't look much different, but it's still a great pad. And unlike a PlayStation controller, it just works.

That said, the new PS5 DualSense controller sounds genuinely excellent, too, and it already has full Steam support.


Wireless Xbox controller | $59.99 $39.99 at Best Buy (save $20)
This is the latest version of the controller that released with the Xbox Series X, with a redesigned D-pad and nice, grippy coating to the back, triggers, and bumpers. At this price, it's cheaper than the Xbox One version. 


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Ultrawide monitors typify PC gaming really: they're over the top, but in a cool way. The problem is, often at at least $1000 they're out of reach of most people.

But, now, thanks to some stonking Black Friday deals, prices on decent ultrawides are actually closer to something normal people can afford (by which I mean the average punter, not Marianne and Connell). 

Take the Samsung CHG90 below, as an example. Originally priced at over $1000, it's $350 cheaper at Amazon right now. It's a 49-inch goliath, but it still looks an awful lot better than two random monitors bodged together.

Samsung CHG90 | 49-inch | 144Hz |  $1,099.99

Samsung CHG90 | 49-inch | 144Hz | $1,099.99 $749.99 on Amazon (save $350)
Samsung's 49-inch 3840x1080 super ultrawide is the cheapest it's ever been. This QLED screen supports HDR and will give those framerates plenty of room with a 144Hz refresh rate. 

And that's it for me. I'll be passing on the live blog mantle to Katie, our Hardware Editor and all-round Good Egg. Best of luck finding the Black Friday deals of your wildest cost-cutting dreams. 

Thanks Harry. I don't know about "Good Egg", but I try. Also, the capitalisation there feels like you're attempting to work in some kind of a secret code, though maybe that's the exhaustion educed paranoia setting in.

Anyway... Right now, I'm gonna try and find you lot some smashing deals. And please, let's all try to keep our cool. We don't want any virtual casualties—aside from those the PCG team has already endured while you happy US shoppers were all dreaming away. 

RIP team. F to show respects.

P.S. Happy thanksgiving for yesterday, sweet gamers.

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I know what you want. You want to cozy up in front of the fire, with a nice warm gaming laptop purring away on your knee. It's not been easy this year, working from home. I don't know about you but I feel a bit stuck in one place. Thankfully, with one of the best gaming laptops, you can spend your time stuck at home hunched over not just one single desk, but several tabletop-like surfaces around the house. Put one on your dresser, put one on your microwave. You can even put one laptop... on top of another laptop. Laptopception.

This year, we've found some gorgeous specimens waiting to go to a good home, so do take a look at our Black Friday gaming laptop hub, if you're in the market for one. Just remember, a gaming laptop is not just for Christmas. 

It's for maybe several years until you inevitably spill something sticky into it, or drop it on the kitchen floor and have to fork out for a new one—totally not speaking from experience here.

Black Friday Gaming Laptop deals
Laptop bargains

Black Friday Gaming Laptop deals
We're seeing a huge number of deals going down on gaming laptops this year. With the new generation of mobile GPUs expected next year, stock is being shifted sometimes with hefty discounts on some fantastic mobile gaming monsters.

Alternatively, you could treat yourself to an upgrade for your weary eyes. I recommend you complement your current PC tower with a dreamy ultra-wide, 1440p monitor like this one. That way, you can immerse yourself in your favorite games, and forget that the world is slowly falling apart around you.

That is, if you don't mind sitting in one place all the time—and if you manage to bag one of these superb gaming chairs as well, you shouldn't have an issue there.

 $479.99 at Amazon
Superwide 1440p 100Hz

Samsung C34H890 | 34-inch | 1440p | 100Hz | $593 $479.99 at Amazon
A fantastic 34-inch superwide panel with 1440p native, 100Hz refresh and 1800R curve, plus USB-C with charging, for well under $500. It's a lot of monitor for the money.

After Jen-Hsun's strange outburst at the last Nvidia launch, before everything went tits-up, all of us on the hardware team were left with strange and fantastical visions of the future imprinted in our minds. So, here's a little throwback as to how they expected us to shop in the future... and here we are. 

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Yay, more ways to escape the crumbling edifices of reality.

Oculus Quest 2 | 256GB | $399 at Best Buy with $20 gift card
In stock today

Oculus Quest 2 | 256GB | $399 at Best Buy with $20 gift card
Best Buy has got the 256GB version of the Quest 2 in stock right now, and it's kind of a deal because you get a $20 gift card with each purchase of the latest Oculus headset. The 64GB set is great for those hooking up to the PC, but if you want to pack your headset with VR experiences the 256GB goggles have the space.

If you cant be arsed to build one, clap your hands.

Black Friday Gaming PC deals
Top rigs

Black Friday Gaming PC deals
The launch of the latest next-gen hardware means two things for pre-built gaming PCs. One, older machines are being sold cheaper, and two, the only place you'll find that new CPU and GPU tech is in pre-built systems. Take a look here for some actual RTX 30-series gaming PC discounts. 

How are these still in stock? I know plenty of you who are putting together a new build are in distress about now over the scarcity of next-gen cards. If you're one of those unlucky few, sitting there with a new-build ready to go, but just need a 30-series to go in it, here's a wacky idea. 

> Buy up one of these bad boys
> Rip out the RTX 3070
> Re-sell all the other components

Well, maybe not profit, actually. Still, for all those who just need a full rig, this ones a doozie. Except, you probably wont get it in time for Christmas. Waa.

iBuyPower Gaming PC | Intel i7 | RTX 3070 | $1649.00

iBuyPower Gaming PC | Intel i7 | RTX 3070 | $1649.00 $1,529 at iBuyPower (save $121)
You can bag a deal on an RTX 3070 this Black Friday it seems... you just have to buy a full system wrapped around it. That's some fancy wrapping paper, including 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD, and the 8-core, 16-thread 10th Gen Intel Core i7. The system is expected to ship by 25th December too, that's Christmas to some of us.

I wish I had $49,997.99 to drop on a fancy TV like this one. Jesus, and it's half price. What even is this world? For that kind of money, I'd expect it to at least walk the dog, and put the kids to bed for me. It's not even OLED, people.

Samsung Q900 rediculous price black friday deal

(Image credit: Samsung)

Ah, Telltale, you know how to brighten up the darkest of days.

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If you can't do Christmas with your loved ones, do it in comfort, do it in style. Do Christmas in your very own gaming throne.

Black Friday Gaming Chair deals
Solid seats

Black Friday Gaming Chair deals
Want somewhere solid to park your butt while gaming? Sure you do, and this is the best place to find bargains on the best gaming chairs around. Trust us, your spine will also thank you for giving it a little more support than that old seat you whipped out of a skip a couple years back...

I hope you're all behaving yourselves.

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Something for you to consider if you're after a keyboard this year: do you really need mechanical keys? If the answer is a resounding "meh," or if you want to grab something cheap for the kids that'll still hold up quality-wise, this may be the answer.

Logitech G213 Prodigy | Membrane | Wired | Full-sized | $69.99
A membranical mimic

Logitech G213 Prodigy | Membrane | Wired | Full-sized | $69.99 $39.99 on Amazon (save $30)
If you're not up on the mechanical hype, and just want a quality, cheap membrane typing experience, Logitech has your back here. There's a host of customisability with the key-by-key RGB lights, and it features a built-in wrist rest. So, though it's not great for fast-paced, competitive titles, fledgling PC gamers out there can get their feet wet for under $40.

For all those waiting for RTX 3080s to come back in stock, you may have had an email like this from Zotac notifying you that they are, in fact, still out of stock.

Nvidia zotac rtx 3080 graphics card black friday non deal

(Image credit: Nvidia)

"You are receiving this message because you asked to be notified when the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity Graphics Card (B&H # ZOGR3080TGC) becomes available. We advised you then that we would send you interim updates. We regret the item remains unavailable."

Cheers, guys. Really helpful.

Your east coast Dealsman, Jorge Jimenez, is reporting for duty! Let's start this noon hour celebration of capitalism with a dope lightning sale on a 2TB SSD on Amazon that's expected to go by fast.

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We looked and there are no deals on gaming beds. Shame!

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Webcams are back in stock, so you've run out of excuses not to have your camera on during your daily work call. 

How to find webcams in stock today
Look your best!

How to find webcams in stock today
There's plenty of stock of 1080p webcams perfect for streaming for under $100.  

New Xbox Series X controllers for $40? Yes, please. For 5 extra bucks, you can pick the sweet-looking Shock Blue controller in case Black or White don't do it for ya. Make sure you stock up on AA batteries while they are on sale. 


Wireless Xbox controller | $59.99 $39.99 at Best Buy (save $20)
This is the latest version of the controller that released with the Xbox Series X, with a redesigned D-pad and nice, grippy coating to the back, triggers, and bumpers. At this price, it's cheaper than the Xbox One version. 

Razer's got up to 50% off on a ton of their stuff, including some of our favorite gaming keyboards and gaming rodents on Amazon right now. 


(Image credit: RAZER)

This 4K LG monitor makes for a great second monitor for watching and streaming anime or that show about a teenager dramatically playing chess (weirdly not an anime) in rich HDR10. 

| 4K | IPS |  $349.99
4K IPS gorgeousness

LG 27UL500 | 27-inch | 4K | IPS | $349.99 $299.99 at Amazon

Suppose you're looking for that very particular combination of 4K resolution and IPS panel tech. And you want it from a leading brand; this is as good as it currently gets. HDR10 content support, plus plenty of inputs, sweetens the deal.

NZXT is taking $10 off several of their RTX 30-series PC builds, which might be the only place you can actually find an RTX 30-series GPU this Black Friday weekend. 


(Image credit: NXT)

Corsair is running a 15% sitewide sale, but it's only for those WHO WANT TO DOMINATE.  They also promise Christmas Eve delivery on select builds.  



(Image credit: CORSAIR)

This gorgeous Rose Gold Dell XPS 13 Touch laptop is on sale for $1,100 and nearly sold out!

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My favorite New Jersey-based boutique gaming PC builder (to be fair, they are the only ones I know about) is shaving off $300 of their VYBE gaming desktop with an RTX 3070 and they are tossing in a code for Far Cry 6 and a Geforce Now Founder's Subscription for your trouble. 

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An RTX 3090 $300 above list is a not a good deal for the hard to find GPU. In fact, it may be the worst Black Friday deal yet. But hey, the day is still young. 


(Image credit: PCGAMER)

I can't stress enough how much a godsend a good screwdriver is. 

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit with 56 Bits $16
Bits on Bits on Bits

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit with 56 Bits $16 $12.23 at Amazon
Save a few bucks on this electronics-friendly kit that features a [checks notes] flexible shaft, perfect for bending your way around corners like Neo and/or Gumby (see artistic rendering below) to nail those hard-to-reach corners inside a PC case. Comes in a few different colors.

This very good external SSD is almost never on sale which would explain why there's a 1-2 month wait on these orders. A small price to pay for $200 savings. 

WD Black P50 Game Drive | 2TB | 2GB/s | $499.99
Ultimate game storage

WD Black P50 Game Drive | 2TB | 2GB/s | $499.99 $299.99 at Amazon (save $200)
This is as good as external USB storage currently gets thanks to a 20Gbps interface, NVMe M.2 drive hidden behind a USB bridge and TLC rather than QLC NAND memory. Five-year warranty makes this a great long-term and high-speed game storage solution.

G Fuel is running a Buy One Get One Free deal on energy tubs (that's right, I said tubs) of their FDA compliant Natural Energy Drink Formula. So, now you can finally mix and match all your favorite flavors like Sonic's Peach Ring and Spicy Demon'ade.  


(Image credit: GFUEL)

Believe it or not, the best place to find a great price on a good chair for gaming is actually Staples. They've got huge discounts on all sorts of gaming and office chairs. Just because it doesn't look like it came from a race car doesn't mean it isn't comfy.  


(Image credit: Staples)

iBuyPower offers free Double XPG DD4 memory upgrades up to 32GB for certain desktop purchases and Amazon gift cards for buying custom PC builds. Any orders by Monday will be guaranteed delivery by Christmas. 


(Image credit: ibuypower)

Well, that's it for me! I hope you all made excellent buying choices on this wild digital shopping adventure. Be sure to keep checking out our Black Friday into Cyber Monday coverage all week. kthxbai


Hello PC gamers! This is Wes, taking over liveblogging duties for a couple hours. Here are the deals I'll personally be consuming over the next couple hours: 

— Tea, Earl Gray, hot

— Bourbon chocolate mousse pie

— Red wine

— More pie

— More wine

You can probably see a vicious cycle starting already...

Tomorrow we'll be publishing one of my favorite articles of every Black Friday period: The weirdest Black Friday deals. It's an annual tradition at this point, and an opportunity for us to write about stuff you probably shouldn't spend money but can have a good laugh at.

Here's a little sneak preview: one of the weirdest deals you can get right now is 20% off Gamer Goo. 

See more

Why do I bring this up? Well, a couple years ago, our very own Andy Chalk wrote this gem of an article:  

I put 'Gamer Goo' on my hands, and god help me I actually liked it

Enjoy never being able to forget the phrase "Gamer Goo" for the rest of your life.

If you're not too interested in hardware deals this year (holding out for that RTX 3080?), there are some pretty strong game sales on at the moment, too. 

On Wednesday I helped write up a list of game deals we recommend from the Steam Autumn Sale, including a few great 2020 games at steep discounts:

Death Stranding is $29.99, aka 50% off
Doom Eternal is $19.79, aka 67% off
Star Wars Squadrons is $23.99, aka 40% off

Amid Evil

(Image credit: New Blood)

Personally, I'm really in a retro FPS mood right now, so I'm planning to pick up Dusk and Ion Fury from the Steam sale. I recently finished off the awesome Amid Evil. I'm really glad "they don't make 'em like they used to" doesn't apply to first person shooters.

One last game recommendation: Wingspan. A board game! A board game about birds. It's an unlikely premise, but Wingspan is one of the most widely praised and awarded board games of the last couple years. I've played it and can attest to how fun and absolutely gorgeous it is.

You're basically trying to assemble a flock of birds worth more points than everyone else's, but there are many ways to earn points, and the objectives change each time you play. It's almost like a deckbuilder, where you form a strategy—like focusing on birds that help you get more food to play more birds, or predators that score you points when other players take actions. The games I've played have ended up very close, which makes Wingspan feel especially well-balanced.