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Jamestown, Shatter and other indie games available in the Humble Weekly Sale

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It's 'Black Friday' in the US, which means prices are falling across the internet like drunks playing in a greased up bouncy castle. Given the deals that even Humble's own store (opens in new tab) currently hosts, the Humble Weekly Sale (opens in new tab) for this week seems almost pedestrian. Not that that should worry anyone who doesn't own these six indie games, and doesn't object to paying what they want to get them.

Whatever you pay, you'll get access to the following:

  • Jamestown

  • Closure

  • S.P.A.Z.

  • Shatter

Of them, Jamestown and Shatter are both excellent. One is a steampunk shmup set on Mars, the other a retro-future physics-based block breaking game. While I've not played Closure, it's a pretty looking puzzle-platformer that garnered plenty of positive feedback on release.

In addition, you can pay £6 or more to also get:

  • Defense Grid Gold

  • Dungeon Defenders

I'm a big fan of Defense Grid, and I say that as someone who generally can't stand tower defence. From what I understand, this Gold edition comes bundled with the Resurgence and Borderlands DLCs.

Relevant trailers? Here's a couple:

Phil Savage
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