Hogwarts Legacy butterflies: Where to find all the chests

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If you're looking to find more Conjuration Spellcrafts, you should seek out the swarms of butterflies dotted around Hogwarts and the wider map. These butterflies will be fluttering around in a group and when approached, will begin spinning really fast before revealing a hidden chest. Most can be found in the wild but one chest can only be found by completing the Follow the Butterflies questline, so let's take a look at where to find all 15 butterfly chests. 

Follow the Butterflies quest 

After the first encounter with the troll in Hogsmeade, head back to The Three Broomsticks and eventually, you'll meet a character called Clementine Willardsey. She'll ask you to follow some butterflies deep into the Forbidden Forest. To get started, fast travel to the Forbidden Forest Floo marker then head north—a butterfly icon should appear on your minimap and you'll see a swarm of colourful insects soon enough.

Follow them for a few moments and they'll reveal a chest to you, which is the case for all butterfly swarms. 

Butterfly chest locations 

The butterflies don't stay static—they will move around the area they are found in and, depending on where you locate them, you might have a short or longer following time. Here's where you can find the other 14 butterfly locations from the nearest Floo Flame or homestead location: 

  • Northeast of Pitt-Upon-Ford
  • Southwest of Jackdaw's Tomb, near the Niffler den 
  • East of Jackdaw's Tomb, north of the treasure vault 
  • East of Hogsmeade, south of East Hogsmeade 
  • In the cliffs to the southwest of the Quidditch pitch  
  • South of Aranshire 
  • North of Priya Treadwell in Feldcroft, southeast of North Feldcroft 
  • Southeast of the Feldcroft Catacomb 
  • East of Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame 
  • West of Keenbridge, near the ruins 
  • Near the bandit camp castle, east of Keenbridge 
  • North of Poidsear Castle 
  • South Poidsear Coast 
  • North of Clagmar Coast region, south of the bandit camp 
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