How to unlock every spell in Hogwarts Legacy

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During your time in Hogwarts Legacy you'll learn all kinds of spells, charms and jinxes to cast, alongside a few unforgivable curses. You'll learn spells as you attend classes and complete extra assignments for professors. Not only are they useful in combat, but you'll be able to use them to locate Field Guide pages, care for beasts and more.

With that in mind, here's where to find each spell—except the unforgivable curses—and what they do.

Where to find each spell in Hogwarts Legacy 

Spells in Hogwarts relate to Hogwarts school subjects such as transfiguration, charms, herbology and more. Even the potions master has a few spells to teach you outside of brewing concoctions. 

To learn a spell, you have to draw a pattern following a set path. If the red beam catches up with you, you have to start again, but if you hit the correct keys at the right time, you'll get a speed boost.

It's well worth doing every assignment you're offered after attending a class for the first time if you want to build up your repertoire. Most of the spells aren't required to progress the main story, but you will need some optional spells to complete all those Merlin trials scattered along the countryside. Here are all the spells, who you get them from, and their uses. Keep in mind that the light green conjuring spell, altering spell and Evanesco, the vanishing spell, can only be used within the Room of Requirement.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Hogwarts Legacy Spells
SpellHow to get itWhat it does
ReparoProfessor Ronan's first assignmentFixes broken objects
IncendioProfessor Hecat's first assignmentFire spell, can be used to light torches and destroy webs
LeviosoDefence against the dark arts lessonLevitation
AccioCharms classSummons an object to you
DisillusionmentSecrets of the restricted section questInvisibility
ExpelliarmusProfessor Hecat's second assignmentDisarms your opponent
DepulsoProfessor Sharp's first assignmentPushes an object/ opponent
DiffindoProfessor Sharp's second assignmentSevering/ slashing attack
ConfringoFrom Sebastion in the undercroftBlasting fire attack
Wingardium LeviosaProfessor Garlick's first assignmentLevitation with more control
FlipendoProfessor Garlick's second assignmentFlips enemies/objects around
GlaciusMadam Kogawa's first assignmentFreezing spell, can be used on water and fire
AlohomoraThe Caretaker's lunar lament questUnlocks doors, can be upgraded
Arresto MomentumMadam Kogawa's second assignmentSlows down enemies and objects
DescendoProfessor Onai's first assignmentSlams target into ground
BombardaProfessor Howin's assignmentDeals heavy damage, explosive
Petrificus TotalisSecrets of the restricted sectionWhen using Disillusionment, sneak up behind an enemy to perform a silent bind attack
TransformationProfessor Weasley's assignmentChanges target into alternative form

Spell mastery

Once you unlock Talents, you'll be able to upgrade your spells, such as being harder to detect when invisible. You'll get a Talent Point every time you level up, and can even explore upgrades for the dark arts, so be sure to check them out.


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