How to import your Hogwarts house and wand into Hogwarts Legacy

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Like any good witch or wizard-to-be, you'll no doubt have looked up what Hogwarts house you want sorted into in Hogwarts Legacy. You can choose yourself, let the Sorting Hat have a go at choosing for you or, if you're really into Harry Potter, take the Sorting Hat and Wand quizzes over on the Harry Potter fan club site.

If you have a character you made and are very fond of, you can import your pre-sorted house and wand type into Hogwarts Legacy. You'll need a Harry Potter fan club and Warner Bros games account to be able to do this, so let's get started. 

How to import your Hogwarts house and wand 

Once you've retaken the House Sorting quiz on the Harry Potter fan club a bunch of times until you get the house you really want—I see you, Gryffindor simps—and gone through the wand-choosing process, you can import both into Hogwarts Legacy. You'll be able to link accounts by scanning a QR code and logging into your Harry Potter fan club and WB Games accounts. Doing this will add your house and wand type to the game, though you are able to discard both during the story if you wish.

On top of that, you'll also receive the Beaked Skull Mask and House Fan-atic School Robes which will make you look like the house's biggest hero worshipper.

Hogwarts Sorting Hat 

When you approach the Sorting Hat and have an imported house, it'll ask you a question and either response leads you to your chosen house. Of course, you have the option to renege on your fan club self and choose another house, if you've decided that being a humble Hufflepuff might be more fun.

While the sorting process in the books is a personalised affair with lots of different questions, choosing your house in Hogwarts Legacy is pretty simple. The hat will ask you a couple of questions, but it seems to boil down to whether you answer: Daring, Curiosity, Loyalty, or Ambition, representing Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin respectively. The hat will then present your proposed house. The good news is that even if you get a house you don't want, you can immediately choose a different one at the end of the sorting process. Houses don't seem to affect loads in Hogwarts Legacy beyond some of the characters you meet, access to a particular common room, and certain robes you're able to get. 

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The wand chooses the wizard

When you reach Hogsmeade and get to meet Ollivander to get your wand, you'll be given the wand you imported. However, you can change its core, design, and more, so you're not stuck with a rubbish old phoenix feather core instead of that dragon heart string one you've always wanted. It's the same with a non-imported wand—Ollivander might "suggest" you've found the right wand, but feel free to change it up.


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