Grass Simulator is on Early Access, is actually about shooting cows

Grass Simulator

2014 will probably be remembered as The Year of The Novelty Simulator Game. I'm not sure how Grass Simulator will be remembered within this illustrious canon, as it's not really about simulating grass at all. Nope, it's mainly about shooting cows. Cows are a threat to grass. I suppose that's the logic at play here.

Anyway, the game hit Early Access at the weekend and boasts three modes: 'classic mode', 'dubstep cow mode' and 'shooting range'. The first has you roaming grassy fields as protagonist Garry Rambler, shooting any cow that dares graze in your way. The second is the same, just with dubstep, while the third is pretty self-explanatory. There's also a 'Grass Simulation Mode', and this is where the promise of the game's title comes to fruition: you get to simulate being a sole piece of growing grass.

The game is expected to exit Early Access in about six months time boasting more modes, multiplayer and a Unity 5 engine upgrade. A 10 per cent discount is currently offered for the Early Access version. Check out the trailer below:

Shaun Prescott

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