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Ion Maiden is now Ion Fury, launching in August

(Image credit: 3D Realms)

Ion Maiden, the retro shooter and Duke Nukem 3D homage, has undergone a name change. Your dad's favourite metal band took issue with the name, and since there's nothing more metal than litigation, Iron Maiden filed a lawsuit. So now it's Ion Fury, which really isn't any worse.

Accompanying the name change is the release date, along with a trailer you can watch below. Ion Fury will let you brutalise cyber-cultists on August 15. 

I've not even managed to start Amid Evil yet, so I know I should hold off on adding another '90s throwback onto the pile, but I won't. These time machines, along with Doom, are what's keeping my love of FPS romps alive these days—I always want more. 

If you really want to be transported back a couple of decades, you can also grab the Iron Fury Big Box. It's a proper box, not on the DVD-shaped ones we ended up with, containing a Bowling Bomb flash drive with the game and official soundtrack, stickers, a poster, a key card and a booklet detailing the making of the game. You can buy it on the Ion Fury site

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