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An Unravel sequel is on the way

Unravel is the yarn-based puzzle-platformer—which, let's be honest, is quite the genre—didn't quite live up to my hopes for it (which were admittedly quite high). Nonetheless, it was pretty good stuff—and good enough, EA announced today, to warrant a sequel. 

“Earlier this year, we released Unravel, a one-of-a-kind, physics-based puzzle platformer that captured the hearts of players around the world. The awesomely creative development team at Coldwood Interactive brought tiny, endearing Yarny to life. And since then, it’s been quite incredible to see the community’s love for Yarny, both in the game and beyond,” Executive Vice President of EA Studios Patrick Söderlund wrote on the EA blog

“At EA, we love working with creative and passionate development teams, in our own studios and our partners. Which is why I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve signed a new agreement with Coldwood to work with them on their next project.” 

The statement didn't mention Unravel by name, but an EA representative confirmed in an email that “this will be for the next Unravel.” A release target wasn't announced, but Söderlund said EA will reveal more “when the time is right.”

Andy Chalk
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