The Humble Store is having a Halloween Sale

Resident Evil 3 scary face guy
(Image credit: Capcom)

Halloween has come to the Humble Store, in the form of a Humble Halloween Sale with discounts of up to 90 percent on scary, and also not scary, games.

One of the things that strikes me as kind of funny about this sale, in a very specific way, is that Fear 2: Project Origin and Fear 3 are on sale, each for 75 percent off, but the original Fear—which quite frankly stands heads-and-shoulders above the others, to the extent that it's almost unfair to consider it part of the same series—is not. 

But fear not! (Get it?) The Fear Complete Pack is also on sale, for 80 percent off, which means you can pick up all three games for $1 more than just Fear by itself. (And Fear 2 is a very good shooter, it just suffers by comparison.)

Anyway, here are some other thoughts about what you might want to throw your money at:

There's quite a bit more than just that, including publisher sales from 2K Sports, Fatshark, and Curve Digital, and a Strategy Sale, which is like an entirely different sale-within-a-sale. And, as always, a portion of all sales will go to support the charity of your choice, so that's always nice. The Humble Halloween Sale runs until November 1.

Andy Chalk

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