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Command & Conquer dev interview reveals plan to revisit Red Alert and Tiberium universes

Once upon a time, a group of game developers sat down to create a real-time strategy. More importantly, they sat down to create an intro video for that real-time strategy. The game was Red Alert, and that intro featured Einstein building a time-machine to assassinate Hitler with a handshake . It's an important, nay, defining moment in the history of gaming, and one that shouldn't be forgotten. By the sounds of it, it's one that current C&C custodians EA haven't forgotten, because briefly buried in this official promo video for the upcoming free-to-play Command & Conquer, is the admission that both the Red Alert and Tiberium storylines will be revisited.

The relevant line, from development director Tim Morten: "in the future, we're going to go back to the Tiberium universe and the Red Alert universe."

Of course, originally they were the same universe. But then continuity slipped through a chrono-hole, and common sense rode away on a mechanical dolphin. For instance, Red Alert 2's intro . People wrote that. For money. And then that guy from Twin Peaks acted in it. For money!

The upcoming Command & Conquer is based around the infinitely less interesting Generals universe, with its near-future West vs East vs Terrorist structure. Despite being free-to-play, this sequel will feature a singleplay campaign, which will be released episodically . It's currently in beta , and is due out before the end of the year.

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