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Command & Conquer to get episodic campaign missions for singleplayer and co-op

EA are conferencing the hell out of Gamescom right now, and - after a faintly embarrassing near-parody of e-sports - Victory Games announced that their upcoming free-to-play Command & Conquer will feature an episodic, story-driven campaign mode, with missions that are playable in both singleplayer and co-op. A brief sneak-peak trailer confirms that yes, the campaign will have tanks and stuff.

Here's the story description from the game's website , where you can also apply for beta access:

"The China dominated Asia-Pacific Alliance (APA), having sat comfortably as the world's foremost geopolitical power for nearly a decade, finds itself challenged on all fronts. The upstart European Union (EU), a high-tech, single-state entity with an increasingly expansionist agenda continues to flex her muscles, while a series of increasingly bloody uprisings have torn key APA and EU satellite nations asunder. Rumors point to a newly reconstituted Global Liberation Army (GLA) as the instigator, but witnesses have described technology far beyond the reach of any normal terrorist organization. Concerned, the APA dispatches an elite force to infiltrate the latest, most volatile rebellion, one targeting an EU backed dictator.

"Their mission - learn the truth about the GLA, undermine the EU and restore peace to the globe."

Command & Conquer's campaign missions are set to release next year.

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