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Portal 2 community map-pack Cosmogony is a great reason to return to Aperture

Every now and then, I like to visit Portal 2's Steam Workshop page . Not to download anything, you understand, but to experience the panic attack of knowing that somewhere in that list of 353,637 maps, there's something really good that nobody has bothered to play. Like great painters not recognised until long after their death, their masterpieces are untouched and their genius is unrecognised. And then I get drunk.

This time, I was too distracted by Cosmogony : a new six-part map-pack that was released earlier this month. Created by 'Dreey', it features a custom story, new locations and clever level design.

I've only played it in small stretches, thanks to an annoyingly persistent Portal 2 crash-to-desktop issue on my machine. Even so, the bits I've seen have featured some enjoyable traversal, and the main game's characters and dialogue have been smoothly incorporated into the new story.

More notably, the community reception to the pack is overwhelmingly positive, suggesting some notable puzzle design beyond the small, disparate chunks I've seen. You can subscribe to the full Cosmogony collection via the Steam Workshop , and play the pack from Portal 2's 'Community Test Chamber' menu.

If you want more to do in Portal 2, we've rounded up some of the best community maps, both in singleplayer and co-op .

Phil Savage
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