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New Dead Space 2 trailer is creepy as hell

dead space 2 thumb

The new Dead Space 2 trailer is bringing the scares. Don't Visceral Games know that Halloween is over? Judging by the horrible rendition of an old nursery rhyme they've used as a soundtrack to this video, evidently not. The trailer is embedded below, prepare to be a little bit creeped out.

Gaming's bravest mechanic, Isaac, back in his trusty mech suit plods his way through another infested hell hole, surgically dismembering the deformed monsters lurking in every corner. In Dead Space 2 our hero has escaped the horrors of the Ishimura and is chilling out on The Sprawl, a huge, well populated space station. Judging by the trailer, it doesn't stay well populated for very long. Dead Space 2 is due out on 21st January 2011, check out our preview of Dead Space 2's all too quiet corridors in our preview .

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